Who is “Dances With Klingons”?

I am a dad of three daughters, married to Technoearthmama, who blogs here on wordpress, and live in Portland Oregon.  I am “a new kind of Christian” as Brian McLaren would put it.  I am a former Praise and Worship musician who has left the Institutional Church in search of something different.

What is “Dance With Klingons”?

A blog about discovering what it means to follow Jesus into a violent world, to hang out with “honorable” people who are more about “killing the evil” than loving your enemy.  A blog that is not sure about what it means to follow Jesus in a violent world, but understands that the writer continues what Jesus started.  A blog about living life to the fullest and not worry about “moral and family values” but values my morals and family.

Why “Dance With Klingons”?

One:  Dance With Wolves is the greatest movie ever made!  Made me re-examine what it means to live life with those who’s culture is unlike the one I grew up in.  John Dunbar/Dances is the good example of how we evolve and learn how to change our perceptions and life.


Two:  Worf of Star Trek:The Next Generation is another inspirational character that had to face “exile” from his brothers and learn how to live in a new and different world than where his “blood” came from.  Worf  had to learn what it means to be Klingon in a human world.

Humans tend to say that we are honorable, but that can be a lie.  I am on a journey from being  human to “hue-man”,  a multi-color, creation of God, the Father.

I hope that you will join the journey.


One response

22 06 2009
Mark Schultz

Steven, I am struck to the core about your latest entry and your About statement. We are on a very similar journey, right here in Gresham. We have been thirsting for authentic relationship vertically and horizontally for many years. We have met others on a similar path in the last few years. We have been in many different churches, most of the mainline ICs, and some away from the center.

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