Abandoning Salvation?

15 02 2014

I have been watching the Classic Battlestar Galactica again.   Growing up with this show,  I never really got the political/religious/secularist ideals that were so well written for this short lived and still beloved series.   It’s still early on a Saturday morning and I have just finished the episode “Lost Planet of the Gods”,  where the Galactica finds the planet Kobal, where all human life began and the 13 tribes of humans came from, according to the show.  But what struck me was one line that is now haunting me.

“Should we abandoned what once gave us salvation?”

Glenn A. Larson and Donald Bellisaurius, creators of BG,  bring up a good question.  Should we get rid of things that have brought us away from our destruction as a human?

We are living in a time where most people believe that there is something bigger than us.  That there is SOME kind of Deity.  But we start to doubt that the writings of ancient cultures are 100% fact.  In the episode the discovery of Kobal  puts the Book of the Word into play,  the series idea of Holy Scripture, and finds that there is SOME fact within the pages.  That the stories told brought hope and give a history but some things were left out and OTHER writings found NOT in the book give more information and hope.

In good storytelling,  Commander Adama,  his son Apollo and his wife Serina find within a tomb the writings on the wall on where the 13 colony and the map to Earth, the salvation now of  the humans in the starcrafts,  but is destroyed when the enemy attacks and the writings are then lost.    This is what continues to happen today.  We value our books only as so long as they are useful, and when we find other writing that conflicts or confirms we either ignore or destroy what really is the truth.  We would rather be satisfied with a false fact than the real truth.

As humans continue to uncover the truth about the cultures that were here before this time, we find we have forgotten much because we have decided to abandon the things that have saved us as humans time and time again.   I find in my own life what has saved me on a personal level is going back to the teaching s of Christ Jesus,  more than the First Testament,  though now I’m finding that I need to explore those books more now that I have a firm foundation in His teaching.   The things that I find from the Jewish/Christian traditions that have saved us over and over are  faith, love, wisdom, prayer,  trust in God and each other,  turning from hatred of the unknown,  embracing the unknown and trusting “gut feelings”  and “heart pulls”.

The internet has become a place for these kinds of discussions, and there are a lot of people now questioning the existence or accuracy of our written texts.   Atheist are claiming a new salvation through abandoning ALL religions.   Far right religious people are saying to use only the Holy Book to base a society on.   And neither side wants something in between.  Both sides are abandoning, or  have “left behind”  anyone and anything that might just really be the salvation of their soul,  their life that has now been hidden away and trapped in the heart.

For me, my salvation came from leaving the tradition of the institutional church.  Now the church STILL is there, it’s just that I have not needed it to grow in my Faith in Christ.  In FACT,  I was in a bog and stuck in one place by staying within the Methodist tradition.   It wasn’t the “flavor” or Christianity that would be my salvation, but my finally accepting that I was being changed by Christ, and nothing that I was doing was going to stop that.  I had to trust that the Lord of Lords, whom I had only READ about was real and that I would be changed by the written word,  so I would be changed into HIS word made flesh.

Now don’t be too quick to judge, I’m am by no way perfect by human standards alone.  I still struggle with stereotypes of behavior.  I still at times “act like THE MAN” and attempt to be dominate over all I see, instead of letting Christ work his power through me.  Because I am still becoming the REAL male that I was always meant to be.   By letting a different kind of salvation than the one that can be proven by scientific evidence or religious tests that there is a way that is not being done as it must have been done for eons.

MY personal salvation came from trusting that the authors of Biblical text were on to something.  That the stories are not false, speak to the truth and that the progression of ridged rules and regulations become fluid and bendable boundaries that bring a full and robust life.     That everything  you learn to live by becomes based in Love and Love alone.   That is the ONLY thing that I have fully accepted is that all life is based ON and IN love.   Though I do see people take that love and FEAR loosing that love because of our actions and just plain worries.   We would rather abandon love for security.  But to be secure without love is a death sentence.  It kills you.   You will find yourself more concerned with political and religious systems as being the way back to life.  THIS is what is going on when we vote or go to church.    We look for salvation there.   We look for salvation outside of our selves.

Jesus’ teachings move us from finding salvation “out there”,  to ” salvation IS here, within you.”    But we have forgotten WHO can teach this to us.  So it does start “out there”, but it’s also within each person too.

From what I can see from other faiths is that this is a common theme.   For myself, it’s been journeying with the Christ Jesus story to start to see the world differently and understand what courage it takes to depart from the world and enter into a New Heaven and New Earth.     If I had abandoned the path that was chosen for me, that being the Path of Jesus,  set up before I was born, by my Grandmother, whom I believe really understood unconditional love,  and know that I had been chosen for this salvation, would I have the salvation from my own  ego?

Should we abandon the way of salvation when so many have “missed the mark”.  In the Jewish/Christian language that is known as “sinning”.    How many atheist and even Christians  have just given up and not worked through their salvation.  I find I am still working MINE out.   Redefining what manhood means in a world where being a man is either looked upon as a joke or macho-ism.   Discovering that being made in the image of God  as a male is not to be just masculine, but to have BOTH masculine and feminine qualities that are balanced.   To be fully restored to what was intend from the day I was born into the world.

How have I come to this?   By trusting that salvation through Jesus IS the way, the truth and the life.    I have been chosen and CHOOSE to live by the indwelling Spirit and, just like many before me have, not  given up on working THROUGH that salvation.   Too many just think that they are saved by saying they believe Jesus.  Well, it takes time to get to know Him when you only know the history of Him.  Keep at it!

The only way that I could be redeemed was to admit that I was the problem and came to the conclusion that I needed His help.   I had to be Fathered by God and him alone.  I was pointed to Jesus.  Jesus is the salvation that can not be abandoned, though the religion that was formed around his teaching is being abandoned for a life with Him.    Jesus had become my step dad, moved to friend and now something even more wonder-filled and wonderful.   Through his story and HIS teaching I have found salvation.

From what I read,  Jesus abandoned the Temple system for a new one.  He abandoned the way of the Roman Empire too.   But HIS salvation was never abandoned.   His was always with Him.  Ours is too.  Christians, quit pointing to the church, but point to Jesus.   Instead of spewing hatred and bile,  speak of Jesus.  Or tell one of his tales to make your point.  He IS salvation.  He IS masculinity at it’s finest.   To paraphrase my friend Paul Coughlin ,  Jesus is Love bolstered by courage.  (Paul made this statement on Facebook about masculinity).   Church, I would start to describe and present Jesus like this.

Men in Faith,  rise up.  For truthfully, we don’t have many wise or wisdom fellows at this time.   Work through your salvation WITH Jesus.   You will know those who are with him and those who only KNOW of Him.   You can see it.  You can feel it.   I speak specifically to men because the women are pretty good at being in Christ.  It’s men who are having trouble with Him.   Ladies, do not be offended by this, but I know you good women are in agreement with me.    The truth is that MALE and masculinity is dying and needs a second birth.   I can feel the groaning and birth pains of a new and deep masculinity forming.   My hope and dream is that this can be found for ALL, men and women through their salvation in Jesus.

Guys, you really want to be a true man, read up on Jesus.  And then get to know him.  And THEN be his disciple and friend.  To the point where you hear his voice say “Brother”.   I know I have.  And that scares me at times.  But in a good way.

I’m looking now for my fellow Brothers who are needing to be mentors to the next generation of Christ.   I see no map for doing this, but just when I encounter another guy to just be with them.  Hopefully they will see Christ in me now.




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