Duck Dynasty and Judgement

21 12 2013




Alright already. Enough with the whole Duck Dynasty thing.

He said something that is offensive.  But as a citizen of the USA he has the right to speak out.  And he is not gonna loose any of the money he has made over the years.  But when was the last time you offended someone?  Hmmm?

I will not defend the man’s words, because I doubt he really has spent anytime with anyone recently that is gay or black or any of those things which SHOULD NOT MATTER TO A CHRISTIAN WHO IS IN CHRIST!

Yes, I’ve made a judgement and expect to be judged in return.  Because that is how it works. 

“Do not judge, unless ye be judged”.  

Here is the real lesson behind that bumpersticker phrase that is so important.  Being quick to judge someone because of a statement made without getting to know a person makes us ALL look like unwise little boys and girls instead of gentlemen and ladies.   When you look at a person, WHO do you see? 

I certainly think we have lost politeness that needs to be recovered.  What ever happened to if you can’t speak the truth out of a loving heart, then don’t speak at all?   This whole thing reminds me of children who don’t control what they say and end up hurting someone at the core of their heart.  

I’ve never watch Duck Dynasty, but I did watch the latest VeggieTales which featured the DD patriarch as a narrator and he was quite personal and delightful.  But did Veggie Tales use him because he has a hit show?   


When you speak about Jesus, you will usually end up being emotionally beaten up and crucified by people who don’t see the same way that you do.  Good heavens, that goes for ANY of the world viewpoints.  This comes back around to not willing to sit and learn from the spirit within, to take that which you learn about from outside your skin and take it all in.  Only to discover that LOVE is what is the heart of His word.  

Perhaps when EVERYONE puts down their Bibles and keeping the ACT up that they are good little christians and start LIVING from the love that has been in your heart from the beginning of YOUR creation, then, THEN we might see the homophobic, racist and just plain unwise life fade from reality for a better and much more peace filled world.   I DO believe there is great wisdom and love through out the books found within the Bible.  I know that because I’ve taken time to read and take to heart much of the stories within those pages, I’m a better person.  But I’ve also not just taken the words at face value. I take them seriously as the story that I’m a part of.  As I think the DD family does. 

As we who have decided to accept the world through Jesus’ way, we fail miserably to attempt to live like the Lord.  We continue to hold Christians up to a higher standard and we should.  But we need to find the way to confront and make wise judgements and not complain that free speech is being quelled when a TV celebrity is put on notice.  I HATE people speaking out of a viewpoint instead of the heart.  This is what I believe to be the problem.  

How I wish and pray that all people would wake up and start to understand that LOVE is the Lord.  That when people speak in racist ways they are being a hypocrite and do not understand the heart at all.  I used to try and act the part of a good christian man, but I’ve find that is too hard to do.  I know that LOVE is good.  LOVE is the ONLY thing that makes a man or woman good.

Until then you can keep watching and listening to egocentric people who, once become the center of attention, will have you purchasing items that make you a walking and free advertisement for them.  And not the one who is the center of your life. 

Judge away.  

Merry Christmas!




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