Mysteriously Enchanting

19 01 2013

MAGICAL: adj. mysteriously enchanting

I’ve been reminding myself about the word “magical”.  That this entire world is very magical. That we are magical creatures.  A perpetual being.  That we found the way to make small explosions to make a heavy metal machine and travel at speeds beyond our bodies capability is magical.   We have even found a way to fly.  Though not like the birds, but yet we can still be in the air.  

Some would say to thank “science” and that there is no “magic” behind it. I find all of these human creations to be mysteriously enchanting. Magical!


I remember seeing my daughters when they were small toddlers look at the birds in fascination.  Then pretend that they were a bird.  The pure simplicity of just enjoying that magical moment.   

In many of my Facebook circles I see people who have thought that magic is an evil and bad thing.  I’ve also seen people decrying the value of mystical thoughts.  People forgetting that magic comes from a LOVING heart.


We entered into the Advent and Christmas season this past year with a terrible tragic events. We were reminded on how “un-magical” the world can be.  In a season that is filled with stories that remind us on how angels, a very mystical magical being, sang.  How a jolly fat elf goes around the world with his magic red nosed reindeer to bring presents.  How a man was born to show us The Way.  A man who would then die and come back to life.  A very magical story!  

The magic of the season was disrupted by a very evil act.  As a parent, I know that if my children were killed in such a horrific act that I would end up living in a world where magic would now be lost.  I can see myself reacting in ways that would not be fitting of one who claims to be in Christ.

  Belligerent, anti communal,  possibly going and purchasing a gun for protection.


But I still have my children. They were NOT shot and killed.  They are still here.  The magical being that they are is still here.  I’m sad for those parents who have lost their magical children.  The pain that they are going through is NOT unthinkable.  Anyone who has had a loved one die can understand the pain.

 I’m disappointed though that there are people who now are so fear filled that they now want to lock up their magical children in walls.  I’ve seen what can happen to children that go to school and they hate it because the place feels like a prison to them. In High School I felt like this. The point of education in the United States seems to be to develop a working class society in the USA. Most kids when they are “locked up” in school do not understand WHY we require BY THE LAW for them to be educated. School is becoming a non magical experience. A “factory” to put out the American person. I see it in the parents who have forgotten what it is like to see the world in a magical way. Teachers are “teaching to the test” instead of inspiring the students to discover the world around them.

There needs to be a balance between the magical and the practical again. Practicality has taken over reality and needs to be pushed back a bit. We need not solve every mystery that comes around to be in love with each other. Perhaps those of us that are in love with extremes of critical thinking and those of magical fantasies were to spend a few months in each others mind-state, we could stop worrying so much about attacks that may or may not happen. We could stop fearing our “rights” being taken away from us. We can and should stop all the nonsensical fears and realize that we are magical beings.

We need to live in a magical place again. I find that LOVE is very magical . Love heals when a doctor can’t. Love creates a safe place when vile acts of violence disturb the peace. Love resurrects old ways that really have never left and makes them new.

The more I remember and really do SEE the magical presence of being IN Jesus’ Way, the more I feel that we all do not need to worry about money, thing, even evil acts. With love there is no fear of evil. In love all things are possible, but not every thing is beneficial. When you can bare all the hatred, doubt, fear and anguish without relenting to these, you have found how magical love really is.

As a country, we have a long journey through LOVE to go on. This is not found on a map or in a Bible or even through meditation. It is a mysteriously enchanting to develop this type of view. I started off by reading the Bible, but when I started to see how the text IS a full and abundant description of a life in LOVE, It became an intoxicating way, and I want more of this view. It involves learning to be in a romantic state without over romanticizing what has gone before. LOVE is giving hope to someone who thinks that owning a gun is the solution to keeping yourself safe. It’s understanding that LOVE does not murder, and yet there will still be murders. It’s knowing that just because you have a gun, knife, or some kind of weapon, that it’s not the weapon that makes you safe, but on how you LIVE with everyone around you.

It’s putting away a childish view on the shelf, and not throwing it away, but looking to that shelf to remember what it is like to be in that state of LOVE. To be enchanted in a beneficial way that brings life and not death. Death is only a transition.

This is the magical life in Christ that I have and continue to experience. May you find this in your life too.

Go in LOVE and peace.



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