The Night The Internet Went Out in Parkrose Heights

2 12 2012

Though it is rare in this current technological age, our internet service went out for a few hours on Friday night.  The whole experience of not being able to stream a TV sitcom or movie, and the 2G network just made things too slow to use my smartphone to surf the net.  My wife did stay on line on Twitter, but she was on less and we started to *gasp* talk and enjoy each others company.  The kids had to play before bedtime instead of watching something on Netflix.  

My wife, Kathleen, and I even shared a joke about “four lights” on the wireless router. (Star Trek: The Next Generation fans understand.)   I even took a chance and watched the good story/poorly excuted  “Batman & Robin” which I have a copy due to buying the Batman 4 Favorite Movie collection.  (A list,review of bad movies which should never be watched sober    is coming sometime this holiday season, stay tuned).  

What I discovered is that since our family doesn’t need to “wired” all the time.  We did very well without the internet and are closer to each other when we don’t HAVE the internet distracting us from being present with each other.   There is a “wireless connection” between  people that help to make us ONE.  Every person is connected to the other by just looking at each other.  

  How often in our current society you see people on the bus, walking down the street, in the store with their face down, looking at the smartphone instead of looking up and seeing the person next to them.  We would rather be a “faceless” society and not worry about seeing yourself in another person.   I believe that we were created to be together.  Our personal smartphones, PC’s, and tables make us connected, but only in a superficial way.  My words here have been edited, picked and crafted in a way to make myself clear without face to face contact.  But what if you and I were face to face?  Would looking each other in the eye make it easier to communicate my feelings and point of view be clearer?  

Yes, yes you would understand me better.  Because you would SEE me.  You would HEAR me.  The words you are looking at are NOT me, but an interpretation of me.   An edited version of me.  

Spending face time changes what you will see of your mates, family, friends, co workers, EVERYONE.  

So here’s to internet outages, electric outages that last a night, here’s to unplugging from our electronics for a while.  Create reality without your laptop.  People are much more fun in person.  You may even want to spend time alone outside your little electronic universe.  Get to know yourself again.



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