Star Wars The Next Generation :All Good Things

31 10 2012

While we should be more concerned with the people of the East Coast and the remains of The Frankenstorm that was Sandy, the internet exploded yesterday afternoon with then news that George Lucas sold out to Disney.  The jokes went flying. Disney on Ice, The Magic Kingdom of Lucasfilm were some that my wife came up with.  Even Will Wheaton, that darling of the internet who played one of the most annoying charters on Star Trek the Next Generation made fun of Jar Jar Binks being in the  daily parade at Disney land.  Messa thinks you are calling the kettle black there Mr. Internet.  

Anyways, I am disappointed to hear so many people are WANTING a seventh Star Wars movie without George Lucas.  Yes, he has made some awful choices in his storytelling.  But face it folks, YOU WENT!  YOU BOUGHT the 8 billion versions of the movies on VHS , DVD and now the infamous  NO. NOOOOOOOO Blu-Ray ones.  (Thank God I’ve not upgraded to Blu-Ray, will stick with the Special Edition DVD releases.)   

For me, yesterday was the last straw for any new Star Wars for me.  The movies really are just cinematic eye candy.  They are a tribute to the serial cliffhangers.  And I wish “The Empire Strikes Back” had never been made.

Think about this, if George Lucas hadn’t decided to pen Episode V, we would NEVER have Jar Jar Binks.   And we would never have to argue over who shot who first.  We would never have to have seen Leia kiss Luke and wonder how far a brother and sister could go.  I’ll admit that I was excited back in 1980 for another Star Wars movie.  But it ruined the original movie for me. I couldn’t go back and not watch it now knowing that Luke was the son of Darth Vader and Vader tried to kill his own son.  

Talk about an abusive father.  

I remember back when Star Trek the Next Generation was about to go on TV and how people said it would never last.  And yet look at what has endured.  Each series has built on the other, but when they went for a prequel series they went off track and people lost interest.   Gene Roddenberry’s vision of an earth that had over come our human weaknesses got lost.  Each series got progressively darker, though Deep Space Nine attempted to get back on track with the last 7 episodes. With Return of the Jedi the Empire is defeated and you left the theater hopeful that the Empire was gone for good.  But the fans wanted more stories and so the “happily ever after” never comes.

But wait, isn’t that what Walt Disney always had in his movies?  Happily Ever After?  This is what bothers me about the stories AFTER ROTJ.  We need more happy endings in life, we need more humor and clowns that reflect our own silliness (yes that is WHAT Jar Jar is).   

But I do look at the success of Star Trek, the redo of Battlestar Galactica.  My hope is that the next series is fresh for a new generation.  I have no invest in seeing a new Star Wars movie.  I would rather go back and watch what is already there.   I would rather enjoy the movies instead of attempting to make things relevant for a new generation.  Perhaps I’m just becoming too old or jaded, but movies are supposed to be FUN.  Fandom is supposed to be FUN.  

Perhaps there comes a time when the storied need to stop and we re visit the story the way it was meant to be told.  I’m finding that there are Zelot Jedi amongst the fans of Star Wars that need to step away and really understand that all the movies, all the books, and all the other stuff is just that- STUFF!  

I love the George Lucas Star Wars saga.  I will miss having him in charge. I am grateful that he came up with Star Wars.  May the Force be with him, Always! 



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