Forgotten Love Trapped Love

15 08 2012

I standing right in front of you,

What you have been looking for,

The connection that you’ve be longing for,

But what you see before you can’t be believed

That I would care about you as I care about me.

If you really have all that you wanted, all that you need

Would you bother to stop and agape me? 

You have it all.  You have me.  But you are blinded by your memory.




Forget getting more, you have enough,

Forget getting less, you have the right amount.

Forget the pursuit of happiness, it’s right in front of you.

Forget what happened yesterday, I’m right here now.

You say that in “theory” it might all work one day. 

I ask you” What are you going to do about it?”  

You say “nothing”.  I then forget and say “There’s the problem.”  And stomp away.

What did I do wrong?  What did I forget? 

I was rejected because I am prone to forget that rejection is an unnecessary event .

You reject me because I  have the same selfishness blocking my LOVE. 

 But why?  







I HAVE what you have way down in my heart.  Do you not understand that?  Can you not feel it?


I’m not taking your guns, money or power. 

I’m not taking your privileges just so I can tower

Over you and say you are less than me. 

We are blind to how blessed we are.

We are blind to love because we think we are not loved.

This is the lie.

This is the lie.

This is the lie.


You complain about about what you have being taken away. 

You complain that life is not fair.

You complain that my culture is the cause of my despair.

You say that I am white and yet you act just as I do. 

You want me to assimilate  to your culture 

But to still honor mine. 

The problem is not the culture, but that we have forgotten the divine.

The Spark that is within us, that began when you were first  beheld.

The Spark that makes us all closer than a time line can spell.

That moment when you KNEW you were loved.


No paycheck can make you feel pleasant tomorrow. 


No matter what laws and rules apply today

They will not bring order to your heart, no how, no way.

For IF you have NOT love, then there is NO point to these things.

LOVE is our natural state. LOVE heals ALL things.

This kind of love has been kept locked up tight behind a wall of stone.  It was never meant to be caged. It can’t be contained, as much as we WISH we could stop the pain.  For a LOVING heart there is no medicine better than that of another LOVING heart. 

 The color of your skin is NOT who you are.  The culture you think is your past is NOT what you are.  Not being loved is unnatural,  a demon by far.  One that tells you that you need other THINGS that are NOT love. 

Ignoring that I am love, the one who stands before you, have no intention of taking away, all those things that are NOT of love.

What I would like to take with me after we part, is not only the  knowledge of who you say you are, but have you locked up your heart?  I KNOW what is in it and why you are willing to hide. LOVING some one is confusing at times. 

 Keeping the heart locked up inside only cheats your self out of being alive. 

What I would like to take with me is a part of YOUR love, that which you freely share.

That part that I did not ask for.

That part that is REALLY there, to open each other to what is being felt.


To trust you with more than just my words, or my presence, but with full understanding that you and I are BOTH love and caring. 


I will not steal this love, take it like a thief.  By you just shaking your hand you have given me belief that you are more than just a body in front of me.

You recognize that there is something inside of me, that longs for that friendship, no a deeper thing than that. But a BROTHER who would have my back.

I have not then stolen from you what I have in my heart.  I have not take from you what is yours from the start. 

For if I LOVE you, why would I steal it from you?  

For if I care why would I ask to borrow your love for a minute or two?

 This LOVE that we give is color blind.

 It’s not white, or black or lacking in kind.  

It covers all wounds, it covers all time.

It makes the world brighter and helps us to see.

That the only thing in our relating is walls that fall down when my hand meets yours. A firm handshake, a pat on the back, a smile from across the bike riding path.

A sign that you have seen me.

And I have seen you.

A sign that you really do think that you are  in me and I am  in you. 

Why do you hate me so?  

Do you hate yourself?

 Do you hate that you are unwilling to go deep within your depths of the soul, and find your love was trapped and forgotten?

 It’s not about you,


It’s not about ME,


Love is about WE. 

Love is about You & Me 



  It’s YOUME.  

You and me have forgotten this. You and me have trapped OUR love.  

What’s that  YOU say I jest?  

I bid you au du and hope that one day, you will see that all  that you spoke at me, was not loving. not kind, was totally boastful and blind. And because you expect me to be human I return these same words to you, in kind.

Now  MY words were not loving and were selfish at best.  There is no other way around this. UNLESS!   I have to stop saying you deserve everything you have and start sharing what has been locked away and not freely given. So hopefully YOUR heart and MINE will be delivered from the hatred and bile and lies of MAD power. 

I was blind, but now I see.  I was deaf but now I hear.  

I’m sorry.  You are my agape. 

Hey, look there. another person, another part of OUR love IS here.




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