Book Review- Why You Have Not Committed The Unforgivable Sin

25 07 2012

>A few weeks ago, I received in the mail a copy of Why You Have Not Committed The Unforgivable Sin” by blogger, pastor, prison minister and my Facebook friend, Jeremy Myers. I had entered a contest and won, which is something that rarely happens to me, winning.

 I grew up learning that we are sinful creatures and that we need to repent for all our misbegotten ways.

 I’ve always wondered WHAT the most Unforgivable sin is. Growing up I just accepted that people live in sinful ways.  That sin could be taken away and life would be Okally Dokally. I used to honestly pray and pray and pray to be a “nice guy”. That I would quit doing the things that would keep me from hearing God.  From this book, I’ve learned that all that kind of prayer was unnecessary. Though I do know that this is something that all believers tend to go through, because we still don’t quite understand our Father.

Jeremy puts sin in it’s place!  For those that have been studying the Bible and who are worried about their sin, the author makes it clear that YOU ARE FORGIVEN because of Jesus.  I know that sound crazy but this really does make sense. 

Jeremy covers many of the sins that we were taught were unforgivable and shows through many Biblical passages that all but one act is forgivable. But what that one is I would rather have you read the book, because you would NOT believe me. You can find Jeremy Myers at Till He Comes. This link will send you directly to the book’s page. I read his blog on a regular basis. Jeremy is a sane voice in a sea of discord. So if you are doubting the world and what really is the unforgivable sin, give yourself a good gift and read the book and blog.

This review is of my own free choice. I am not being paid or getting restitution for this review.



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