Quit Saying and Start DOING

12 07 2012

First an apology. I’ve not been blogging because I’ve had nothing to say or blog about. I’ve come to understand that just because you have a blog doesn’t mean you write what ever you are thinking about into a rant that won’t help anyone. (That’s what Facebook and Twitter are for.)  I’ve also come to understand that most blogs are NOT helpful in everyday life. Most of the ones that I click onto are too long for my attention span, or are just so anger-filled that it is toxic to read.

This made me ponder on what these blogs and the internet are saying.  Do those who write such hatred for a rival political view or religious/no religious view really LIVE what they are preaching?


For example:  The old saying “If you give a man a fish, he eats for a day, if  you teach a man to fish, he eats for a lifetime” has been the underling tone of most conservative blogs that I’ve encountered. Most liberal blogs have hit on this too. But are the writers of them DOING what they say? 

How many people, including myself, really take the time to train or guide someone else to do something that will benefit each other? I’ve been guilty of saying “do this MY way”, but then not doing what I’ve said to do. Everyone, at one time or another, IS a “Monday morning quarterback” in what ever passion you have. But do you have the guts to really DO what you preach?

In the past few weeks I’ve really started to question what I can DO with guiding my own family without becoming a brutal dictator.  How can I demonstrate what I would like to see done or be and have my wife and kids follow my example?  Am I willing to let my wife and children guide me when I don’t know or have a skill that I’m lacking and do what they are guiding ME to do?

I believe that to be a good leader you must be willing to be guided from time to time. Let go of YOUR way and let others lead and the wisdom to know good guides from bad ones. As I watch what is happening in both the religious and political sectors of our culture, I find NO one that would make a good leader anymore. There is NO guidance. Just “elect me because I know what to do” is a very poor way to guide.

So what is a guy to do when he doesn’t see a good guide? 

I’ve started to depend more on the “inner guidance”, that voice of God when I am in doubt or unable to decide what to do. Sometimes it’s not knowing about things and just doing what you sense needs to be done.

Here’s an example of what I’m saying.  Recently I started to question HOW we needed to clear out the house. As a family we have done a less than stellar job of keeping the house clean. Both my wife and I have attempted many different ways, such as the Job Jar, where you take a slip of paper out of it and do the job, and the chore game, where  you take a slip of paper out and do what it says, it could be a job or something like “do jumping jacks”. And with all this kind of “doing” was working, it lost it’s appeal very quickly.

I took a moment to ask GOD what to do, and that inner voice said, “What does a clean house look like?”   And so began this idea of creating clean space.  Now I KNOW what a clean space looks like, but to take the time to create that space becomes a task when I turn it into a job.  So I’ve quit making it a job and just start doing it. This has really worked.  Even my wife is now following this.  I can’t explain WHY it’s working, but this perception of creating clean space has made a HUGE difference.

Now some may argue that it wasn’t God that is asking the question but just my mind finally becoming wise. I find that to be a good description of God. Wisdom was a cherished trait in the Old Testament times. Even now we miss wisdom and don’t appreciate it in others. Jesus was appreciated for his wisdom and I know I’ve missed His wisdom so many times when I read the story.   It’s a modern miracle when wisdom comes to a person.  I am grateful that this wisdom of “creating” has made life a bit more peaceful when it’s time to do “clean up”.  From what I see, the family is DOING a fantastic job of creating clean space. And it’s staying clean because we now see that it is NOT a bad thing to create cleanliness. It’s not a bad thing to create a mess either, because we then get to create clean space again.

I can’t convince  you that it works but I can say with confidence that if you do change your thinking from “bad” to “good” yourself, you will fail. With this fail  you will learn to trust the voice that doesn’t come from your own ego.  I have found that I have quit saying “things should be this way” and are making the reality that only comes from abandoning the way I thought it should be. Instead of just speaking and hoping that someone else will do what you say, say what you intend to do and DO IT. 





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