Love IN the New Year

1 01 2012


I find that there is a false sense of reality when it comes to January 1st.  Our current calendar is due to some one in the past saying that 2012 years ago began the “year of our Lord”.  But what if THIS year, this time right now, in fact, this very moment IS the DAY of our Lord?  And what IS your Lord? 

For this coming year I plan on making sure that I  am constantly aware of WHY this day is here.  

Too many of us act as if each year is a clean slate, that what you did yesterday doesn’t effect what is happening to you today.  I find that happens for all of us.  Were you loving to others yesterday?  Did you say something hateful or degrading?  Were you a bully without realizing that you did a bullying act?  

A good example of what I consider bullying is all the times I called someone stupid, idiot, foolish,  lazy, asshole, shit for brains, fucking jerk.  Bullying is NOT only a childhood thing, but is done all the time by adults who say they are just showing “tough love”.  

But what if you ONLY said loving things this year.  Stayed away from listening to pundents who’s job is to be rude and make bullying a “normal” thing?  If you can stand it, just go and listen to some of what the cable news media says.  Even people who I respect like Keith Olberman come off sounding like bullies.  When you act out of anger, you will eventually come off like a bully. 

There are times in your life where you will find out that humbling yourself, instead of showing off how “intelligent” you are and listen to someone else’s point of view, you might see that you have either been bullied or have bullied someone into believing un-truths. 

This day is here for us to be love and to BE loved.  Nothing more, nothing less.  This day is here for laughter and joy.  This day is here for us to love each other. To treat each other as we would like to be treated.  This day is here, because WE are here.  

My hope for this day is that greed, war, and even death is overcome by love. 

If there is to be ONE kingdom, ONE way, ONE life, it’s only  to be found IN love.  

Go and be aware that you ARE love and Loved. For THAT is MY Lord. I hope you found this Lord too.

Love in peace. 




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8 07 2012
Jeremy Myers


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