My “Dear Santa” letter (A sarcastic look at the season)

30 11 2011

Dear Santa,

I have not written to you in many years because I really do feel that you can’t make the miracles happen anymore. You have become to busy with the commercialism of the season and I really would like you to stop. I mean, you have to admit that your legend has been corrupted and your reputation is on the line if you really don’t get to every child,  even if they aren’t Christian, to get them their desired gift that will be long forgotten  after January.  So dearest Santa I ask that you STOP this madness and only do something that will make the world a better place this year.  


My wish is that you would do something about the national debt, either get rid of it all together or put those elves into making some of that green stuff that we need so desperately so we can pay off the fake elves from Christmases past.  I wish you would take TOY guns to all those that LOVE guns and replace their real ones with the fakes.  All over the world!   For without guns and ammo, people will have to resort to knife fights instead. Oh and get rid of all the nasty bombs too. And the planes.


For those who are over religious I ask that you take away their anger and mixed up passions. For those with no religion, have a cause for them so I don’t have to read anymore useless blogs that don’t change hearts to their point of views.  Would give me reason to NEVER blog again too.   I ask for the poor that you make a permanent home for them where ever they are. Perhaps you could use some extra help making those crappy toys. You could fix the work problem. But then we’d have more useless crap sitting around the rest of the year, so never mind that wish. 


Santa, if you are really real, why is your spirit so NOT a part of politics and religion?  I watch that show every year about how you got your red suit and started making toys.  Why did you make parents into your go between?  Really now. If you really want to be taken seriously, you need to just do it  yourself,  that’s what a GOOD American Santa should do.  All those elves, you could really use some of those Occupy People to do some of the work if it’s too much for you to do yourself.  Would take some pressure off the politicians who say our country is being run by stupid people. 


So dearest Santa, if you do get your work done in time for the 25th,  Make sure if you don’t have all the toys made by the elves that you send the attack elves to pepper spray the store crowds so that every child gets the toy that they WANT.  YOU are the king of Christmas and YOUR way needs to be emphasized much more than any deity that you decided to steal the holiday from. 


Love ya,





Now that the ranting letter is done, here’s what I really would like for Christmas.


I would love for people to LOVE one another.

 I would love to have people be more important that getting things for a cheap price and then throwing that thing away for the next BIG thing.

I would  love for children to respect authority when it is due. This goes for adults as well.

I would love to have people respect themselves enough to treat others as they would wish to be treated.

I would love to have peace be in every heart. No fear or hate left inside because there is no room in the human heart for such emotion.

I would love to have people doing the work that brings them peace instead of “working for a living”.

I would love to have no debt and no money.  

I would love to have a world where you don’t have to pay for food, clothing and shelter.  

I would love to have a world where politics or religiosity don’t matter. 

I would love to have people who LOVE God  do as he asks of us.

I would love to have people who DON’T believe in God to NOT attack and destroy the faith of those that do. 

I would love to have people who LOVE to BE LOVE at all times. 


I would love to LIVE in the real world than to live a false life on the internet.


I would love to LOVE you!  For the agape of the world is the truth!  For Agape is THE way.  For Agape IS REAL and LASTING LIFE!


Joy to the world. Peace, GOOD will towards ALL!







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