Thanksgiving Thankfulness by Beth

24 11 2011

I have been given permission to put here what my 2nd daughter wrote for a class assiginment this year for Thanksgiving. I really think that this 9 year old perspective on what Thanksgiving is all about really needs to be heard.  It was hand written and not a single word change has been made by me.


The Things I am Thankful for By Beth McDade


     I am thankful for many things. I have written about my life, my family and food + drink. Let me tell you the reasons I am thankful for these things.

     One thing I am thankful for is my life. I am thankful for my life because I wouldn’t be here without it. Another reason is that I wouldn’t be able to have fun with friends. Also, I would not be part of my family. In conclusion, I am VERY thankful for my life.

     Also, I am quite thankful for my family and cat. One reason is that they comfort me when I am sad. Next, they play with me when they have time. Last, they care about me by saying they love me. To sum up, I am extremely thankful for my family. 


     I am also thankful for food + drink. First, I do not starve with food + drink. Second, without them I would get super skinny.  Third, drinks keep my throat from drying out. All in all, I am absolutely thankful for food + drink. 


     I am VERY thankful for these things. Without a life, I would not be here. Without a family I would be lonely and sad. Without food and drink I would starve. These things make me complete and happy. YAY!


The insight from a child.  Happy Thanksgiving. 



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