My New Insights to Christ Story

9 10 2011

Over the past few days I’ve been having a discussion, not a debate , with some on line friends who are the coolest atheists that you could ever meet. They are a couple who I will just call Chris and Dana. These two time and time again challenge me on the existence of “god”. Now in the past I would have just walked away when I was being offended by their non-belief, but I find that our debate has changed since we now have established the terms of conversation and stopped debating our points and have just talked about our point of view.

I have quit trying to have the last word. I find that when I do that, there is no more room for any of us to learn from each other. I treasure Chris and Dana’s opinions because it has helped me to move further away from a Zealot religious stance to more of the Christ way in life.

What I have seen happening is a friendship that I want to move from just being on line with them, to hanging out with them. I see this as being the way that Jesus was with people. He went any hung with the “evil” people as the “far right” christians won’t do. I only make this judgement because I find that most “christians” are unwilling to go and be with non-believers.

I have decided there is no point in trying to “convert” anyone that doesn’t want to learn Jesus’ Way. I find that by NOT being out IN the world you can’t make any difference. It is better to hang with “sinners” than to hang with the most pious religious people who are hypocrites when it comes to Christ’s Way.

I’ve also encountered out IN the world many broken people who are in need of healing. I have also discovered that many children out in the world are in need of mentors because of the lack of parents being their children’s mentors. But that is another story for another time.

With a combination of dialogue with my atheist friends and several books that I’ve read, I’ve made a connection to what myth combined WITH reality can help us all understand Christ better.

When I go to the library, I no longer try to read those books that would bring me comfort, but will challenge my comfort zone. I no longer get a lot of books from the religious areas or the political areas, but I do peruse some of the “self-help” areas. From the titles all I see are people who are saying “you are messed up, let me help you.” How true this is. We are all messed up, but if we weren’t hurt by someone you haven’t entered into life.

One of the book titles that leapt off the shelf at me was “Iron John: A Book About Men” by poet Robert Bly. This is one of those few books that you can find about men and masculinity. The truth is that we have forgotten what a real masculine man looks and acts like. This is not a sexist thing, but a gender thing that does still matter today. As much as we really want the genders to be the same, there is still an inert part of the modern male that has not grown up. We have too many men, and this goes for homosexual males too, that haven’t grown up or have become fully adult. (I feel that I’m just NOW entering into a more mature part of life.)

Now since I have studied the Christ story and do see that it is a timeless tale, it is a mythology that seems to have seeped into all cultures. Now to ME though it was through the Jesus story and deciding to accept Jesus as my mentor and teacher that I have been able to come into manhood. By taking Jesus as that first, instead of just blind following, I’ve learned that I was NOT using my mind. Blind obedience tends to keep you from the way, truth and life.

Mr. Bly talks in his book “Iron John” about how important is is for young boys to go through an initiation process. In the USA we have forgotten this. We educate and then expect our men and women to go into life. We send our kids to school ,but they have teachers who can’t get to know them, unless they are “the problem kid” who acts up. (I experience this with kids on my bus. I only really get to know those who don’t follow my directions.) I’ve come to believe that kids who don’t have mentors in their parents and don’t search one out or that a mentor doesn’t come to them, the child becomes a bully. In the Christian world there are a lot of “teachers” but no mentors.

The Christian world is teaching rules and morals but not following the rules or morals. The Christian view teaches doctrine, purity, piety, or belief and to give your life to God. But I find this NOT to be a religion but a system that is supposed to keep you under control. How’s that working out for ya? From what I can see, not good at all.

With in the pages of Bly’s “Iron John” I found this passage to be very insightful about what religion really should be:

“[Religion] means a willingness to be a fish in the holy water, to be fished for by Dionysus or one of the other fishermen, to bow the head and take hints from one’s own dreams, to live a secret life, praying in a closet, to be lowly, to eat grief as the fish gulps water and lives. It means being both fisherman and fish,…”

(Iron Man: A Book About Men, pg 38)

Mr.Bly also talks about how we are wounded and that we can’t fully go into life without that wound happening and how we are to NOT be the wound but take hold of the wound. We can’t fully understand the above definition of religion unless we are initiated into . We can’t understand this type of religious life without initiation. My initiation came when I went to the Walk To Emmaus, when I started into my manhood in Christ. I had learned ABOUT Jesus before then, but it wasn’t till then, when I was 32 that I started my mentorship with Jesus.

Mr. Bley says that “Being a fish is to be active, not with cars or footballs, but with soul.” There is so much that mythology AND science combined can teach those who are in Christ about our own beliefs. There is no quick fix to the wounds that we have. If you were NOT hurt by someone, either physically, emotionally, or by your own actions, you will never understand what life really is.

We all need to be healed of our wounds by recognizing those wounds and start to take the medicine to heal them. Within Jesus’ story he is know has a “doctor” and does healing. Even Jesus has a huge wound that was done on the cross. We all can learn from Jesus’ story. We can also learn from other mythos.

Christ is timeless and ageless. The story is universal but it is told in many forms. The Christ story points to where God really exists though science can’t prove that God is real.

My hope is that all people, believers and non believers, Christian, Muslims, Jews, Jedi, Atheists, Agnostics, Deists, and those too numerous to list will start to see that the Christ story is universal. That it is not so much the presentation, but the MESSAGE of the Christ (which means Messiah) is what is important. That we can learn from a mentor on what works IN life, instead of learning WHAT life is.

May you find your peace within. May you find your mentor. He or she is out there. Never close your mind off that there is or isn’t a God. Live everyday with the renewing of your mind, heart and soul. Don’t worry about having the “last word”, because if you do, you will stop learning and growing.

Life is never the end, it’s only the beginning.




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