NOW who are the Doomsayers?

6 08 2011

For many years now the “conservative right” has been saying how a Democratic lead country would bring us to disaster. And now, from a certain point of view, that has happened. But the Republicans have really no solutions but to say, “See, we were correct.” NOW in my twitter feed I see my liberal friends now projecting even MORE fear and hatred.

Post like “The 20 Most Dangerous Conservatives” and “Welcome to the Next Great Depression” are spreading more hate and fear. (Not linkning to these because I don’t wish to spread more hate and fear.)

So the so called liberal is now the fear monger. This is not the way of love and you are now an imitation of the world. The liberal has become what it hates the most and is doing a wonderful job of demonizing people even more.

What has happened to finding the Christ, that God potential in everyone? What has happened to loving your enemy? Oh yeah, IT’S NEVER BEEN TRIED!

I don’t know if you remember the comic strip “Bloom County”. I loved the silly thing. One of the best things that came from that strip is the idea of a “Dandelion Break”. Last night, my wife suggested that instead of being in front of all our electronic toys that we go out on the front lawn last night. We sat among the dandelions and had a break from the political farce.

We saw our new neighbors who are renting a house across the street had a little girl. But I resisted the urge to go and talk to them, because I really was nervous to meet them. (I’ll have to correct that soon.) Two of my daughters young friends came by and played for an hour. I enjoyed reading a book by Eric Butterworth. I gave my wife a back massage.

I then thought, “What is so wrong with the world? THIS, being outside and enjoying the early evening with family and God, is what life is REALLY about. Why are we so concerned with doom and gloom, when GOD has provided everything we need at the moment.

Even Jesus would take breaks. You can look it up.

What we all need to do is take a step back and really examine our individual lives and understand that no matter what happens we need to quit putting demons into our “enemies”. They were made to be our family.



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