14 07 2011

It’s amazing. It’s incredible. It’s……STUPID!

My twitter stream as been filled with so much hatred to our government officials, hatred to people of faith and people mad that they will have to pay more for streaming movies from Netflix that I see we all need a reminder that we are NOT privileged.

Come on people! Grow up and start to understand that just because you were born here in the USA that you don’t get what you want. You should be getting what you need, which is food, clothing and shelter. Everything else is just a joke. We believe the lie that you need the latest and greatest thing. We believe the lie that we have to buy buy buy! We believe that a democracy or a republic will solve all our problems.

We get upset and complain that the country is going to hell. From what I’ve seen this week, we are there and the only thing we are doing is bitching. Yes, EVERYONE is bitching. My liberal atheist friends AND liberal Christians AND conservative Christians are complaining about each other.


This is not Christ like. I would rather go hang at the San Diego Comic Con w/sane people than listen to the bitching anymore.

If fact, I find those that dress up in costumes and are interested in an alternate reality to be more patient, loving, kind, semi self controlled. You know, those things a Christian SHOULD be.

We are acting like a 6 year old who doesn’t want to go to bed because she doesn’t know that she is tired. (Yep, my youngest is doing that now.) There is so much whine going on that I’m about ready to send to congress, to institutional church leaders and some on line friends stinky cheese to go with the whine.


It’s time for everyone to take a time out! Go on a day trip. Take a small vacation. Turn off the internet for a day. Talk with someone face to face. Breathe! Take an inventory of your life. See what is really the problem with your point of view. Go to a Comic Con. (I can’t afford SDCC but would LOVE to go sometime.) Go on a social media fast.

That’s what I’m gonna do. Hope to see you out there in the world.



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