Resurrection of the Drummer

30 05 2011

I gave up playing drums after my time as a praise band leader playing keyboards
and in another praise band playing drums. Two different bands at one time. I later chose to focus on the keyboard one. It became a chore, not a joy.

I put the drums in storage to focus on leading the praise band at the church we were at. They had been there since last night. Due to renovations that were happening, I had to get my drums out of the church. This has been freeing and liberating for me. Now my past with that group is done. Nothing there to tie me down.

Today I had to repair the bass drum peddle because the leather strap was broken. I then set up the drums and spent two full hours playing along with the songs that I used to when I was in High School.

It was heaven on earth!

It was like no time had passed. Jazz riffs. Making the drums sing a song in a solo without music and all the energy of a cheetah running at top speed came back. My wife was LOVING what I was doing, even said she had forgotten how good I was.

Most drummers that have a humble heart never think they are very good. But I thank God that I sounded that good. If this is the kind of reception I get at home, what would it be like to be in a band again? One that really loves music and just wants to entertain and play.

I found that being a band leader can become a chore and not be the first love that it should be for a musician.

I have started to remember all the time I put in back during my High School days playing for a half hour every day, more if the mood struck me. The amount of training I did with lessons, school band and even in some church, though the one from youth didn’t want a drum set or rock band. Remember “little drummer boy”? Yeah, that was the big thing.

I’m starting to understand some other things to now. That my true life involves music.I have been feeling a stirring long before I had to get my drums out of the former church.

I had a really different form of worship today. I praised the Lord with my drums.

My eldest daughter is really interested in learning to play the drums and I’m about to teach her too. I feel alive again. I feel that God is smiling at me. I’ve even had an offer to audition for a band that does classic rock and roll/blues. I can do those styles. I really want to do it.

There’s much more of this story, but it’s still forming and I’m not sure where it’s gonna take me or my family. And I’m not worried about it.

Thank you, Lord for showing me my first love and bring the drums back into my life.




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