Oregon Screwing the Education Bar

26 04 2011

Now I usually don’t get to political in my post but this action taken by Oregon makes me so incredibly angered that I need to vent a bit.

The Oregon House voted yesterday to approve a bill that would make High School senors show proof of the intent to go on to higher education, trade school, or the military to receive their diploma.

Now I have no problem with the idea that AFTER you graduate that you go into these fields, but requiring someone to PROVE that you intend to do it is WRONG!

I doubt that Rep.Tobias Read had to prove what he was gonna do after he graduated High School so why make a new generation do that.
This seems to me to be a line in the sand. For those who can’t afford to go to college there is very little choice on what to do.

Yes, I am fearing what could happen next. I really do see this as not being loving. I hope that my own children will WANT to go to college, since we have set up savings accounts for them to go. But what about the other kids that don’t get that opportunity? What about the ones who won’t be able to afford or get a “fee ride”?

One of the biggest problems I see is not that kids that are ready to graduate need to say that they intend to go on to life, it’s the problem of NOT training IN schools.

So many high schools focus only on “college” courses anymore. Shop, where you could learn a skill , like fixing autos, has been dropped in favor of computer classes. We still will need people to fix cars, and a computer alone can’t do it! Personal finance classes are being cut in favor of getting kids into four years of algebra, which is a limited field to go into. Food service classes are being cut because they don’t make money.

If you want kids to get into life, then put some of life back into the schools.

It strikes me as odd to make a person accountable for something they are GOING to do, instead of something they have DONE.
How are we supposed to make sure the students who have signed a paper are gonna DO it? It’s like those celibacy notes that are undone as soon as the guy touches the girl. IT CANT BE LEGISLATED!

I fear for those kids who can’t get a job or college education and that they will then go into our military and then die for those who are sitting in a college dorm learning that it is wrong for people to die in war.

This is a terrible bill and needs to be re-examined.

I strongly suggest that the Oregon Dept. Of Education really look this over and see how WRONG the government went about PUSHING this into a bill. I thought that we were living in a democracy. This should have gone to a vote of the people.

With the problems of funding our schools, and now demanding that our children at age 18 be TOLD get into life or else, we are screwing our state and world. What’s next parenting licenses?

Oh yeah that’s right State Government, IT’S THE PARENT’S JOB TO HELP THEIR CHILDREN IN LIFE! I’m sorry for yelling but this seems to me to be yet another “be a good boy and show us the trick and you get your treat” thing.

I don’t really care if it was a Democrat or a Republican who came up with this bill, it’s a bad idea, in fact it’s an EVIL idea and needs to go back to the hell it came from.

I deal with kids everyday and most of them are not getting the help they need from the parents and most schools are not willing to teach parents on how to help. This is our problem, not that schools are failing but parent are! There needs to be a resurgence in parenting out of LOVE and not out of fear. The bill comes out of fear that our HS seniors will just drift through life.

Children are born into this world to be a blessing and now our government says that they are all a curse if they don’t show up in life. What a crock!

Parents it’s time to stand up and show how much you really love your kids. Start making the financial sacrifices and time away from your careers. I would be willing to give up everything I have to make sure my kids DON’T have to prove that they are willing to participate in life.

Get real State of Oregon and stop telling parents what to do.



2 responses

26 04 2011

I don’t like the bill either — but I did want to point out that the requirement for military/apprenticeships/etc. is just to attend an information session — they don’t have to sign up. And they don’t have to attend college. Just fill out the application, which is free for community college.

26 04 2011
Jeff Silvey

That looks like a really bad idea. Bad idea jeans. But what happens to the piece of paper then? Is there any way to enforce this pledge that kids will have to make? Can kids simply pledge to go to college, then forget the piece of paper?

Will there be some kind of Intent Police that come to your house and see if your kids are really going to college or not?

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