Resurrection Sunday

24 04 2011

Today is the day that the church of history remembers the empty tomb of Jesus. Now I really don’t have a problem with recogizing the day, but it seems to me that most of those who claim to follow Jesus or be in Christ continue to sit at the tomb looking for him.

Even the atheist that says there is no god is talking about the resurrected Christ today by even mentioning that Jesus didn’t exsist. This is such an odd thing and to me is good news. Even those who would denounce and make fun of Jesus are talking about him.

Let me make an observation here and comment on something my wife said. My wonderful wife made the point that if a Christian were to make discouraging comments about another religion or even call a non believer the worst of sinners that the Christian would be raked over the coals and burned at the stake. Why should a Christian be judged and not a non believer?

This is where too many of us on this wonderful planet miss the point of Jesus Christ entirely. Yes, the story of a person coming back from a murderous death IS unbelievable. Our science says this is impossible. Yet, NOTHING is impossible with Christ. Even science owes it’s existence to Christ.

WE all, at one time or another, have fallen short in our learning to be in the presence of the LIVING God. I certainly have. What is easier to believe in? That a bunny rabbit can walk on hind legs and bring eggs to all the good people of the earth? Or to believe that a Man/God could overcome the death?

Christians are still behaving like the rest of the world and the world SEES that. So Christless Christianity has been found to be false. It is this Christian’s opinion that a church that would hold egg hunts and not explain that the egg is a symbol of the living Christ, the sign of resurrection, is outside of the boundaries of Christ.

We need to stop acting like Jesus is coming back and act as if he is HERE!

Here’s the good news of Resurrection Day. The Kingdom of Heaven IS here. It’s here for all! It does take a reality shift and only you can do it. This is where individual choice comes in. But it’s a choice that will benefit all. For those who don’t believe, you only reinforce for those that do that there is a Heavenly Father. But we have to abandon what we THOUGHT God was and really learn what GOD is!

The story of the empty tomb brings hope. But if you only focus on the empty tomb you miss the LIVING Jesus. So many places of worship today will have baptisms, people confessing their sins, and being brought into a church club. But what does this have to do with Christ? How does this increase a person’s faith? I once believed that all you had to do was go to a church, be baptized and you were safe. This turns out not to be true, even in Jesus’ teachings.

Christians are not being Christ. And they can not be Christ to the world without him. To the Church I say this, put Jesus back in charge of HIS bride. YOU, the Church are not CHRIST. You are his partner though. And we need to learn and submit to HIS teachings on HOW to be the church.

I suggest that if you want to read about HOW to do this, read the works of Frank Viola.

It’s time to stop worshiping the bunny, the baptisms, and even the Church. Followers of Jesus, It’s time for Christ and ONLY Christ.



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