MY take On Rob Bell

25 03 2011

Ok, not a long post here but since EVERY one has jumped on Rob Bell I feel that my two cents won’t make much of a difference but just to give an opinion on what it seems to upset everyone.

I liked Bell’s “Jesus Wants to Save Christians” and have read most of his books. I find nothing there that hasn’t been written by other authors and his message is not new when it comes to what is being called “universalism”.

It’s my experience that love doesn’t win as much as people who were once losers in life that have learned to love unconditionally start to win in life.

Our lives are a journey of discovery within ourselves and what the world teaches us. We can choose to live in fear or in love. Now I’ve not read “Love Wins” yet, and don’t really plan on it. There’s nothing new there for me to learn, and why bother when so many others have already have made it a best seller just by talking negative about his book.

But what if Bell is right and the emotion of love wins in the end. (Notice I’m making a judgement based on someone else’s opinion of the book and not on my own by going and reading it.)

So I just want to remind anyone who is out to discredit another person’s opinon. Do not judge, unless you want to judged right back.

Yeah I just paraphrased Jesus. But this short “bumpersticker” theology is sound. How many times do you say something because you think the other person is wrong and they come back with ” no, YOU’RE wrong.”
This is what Jesus was teaching.

So if you want Rob Bell to treat you like an idiot, then go ahead and treat him as you want to be treated.

We all are so short of wisdom that we need to re-learn from the master teacher. We need to LEARN unconditional love and DO it.



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