Is There An Application for That?

17 03 2011

My wife has a Cliq phone and upgraded the apps a while ago and some weren’t working right. Now I really have no idea on how the phone and computer stuff works, I’m the type that just turns it on and hope nothing is wrong with the thing, but I do have an imagination that can really frustrate my wife when it comes to my illogical approach to the problem. Example: “Throw it at the wall and maybe that will make it work right”.

I have never been one of those people that would dare to read the instructions to an electronic device, well outside of the one time I took the thing out of the box maybe, because I have always trusted that the people who made the thing will have put it together properly. I also don’t always look to see what all the features that come with the phone or electronic item comes with. Sometimes there are apps in them that you don’t want or even need. Such as the kind that might take up too much of your time or battery life. Some of the apps are fun but some are a complete waste of energy and then you don’t have the power to make the call or text that needs to be done. Or you ignore the important functions and misuse the items. Then there is the whole thing just crashing and then you have to start all over again.

The good news is that the Ultimate Creator of THIS phone is on the job! And he’s gonna give me some new apps.

If I were a Smartphone, then the factory needs to send out a signal to reboot me to the original settings. I still have some apps in me that accidently get thumbed all the time and then the program in the app won’t stop until the system crashes. I have too many apps in my life that are not necessary for my life. Like the one that makes me the center of the universe, the one that make me fly off the handle when the one I don’t get my way. There’s another that constantly shuts down the verbal and texting communication system and only uses violent actions to get the point across. This app is nothing like Angry Birds! No, this app attempts to correct itself and finds that the one bit that it needs to correct the problem is not found in the programing. There is no room in the program for the self correcting. The arrogance of this app is so big that even if it was to correct itself it would think that it was the master of the universe.

That one is a very dangerous app that can destroy those who I love.

So I need to be reset to the factory standards again. And the only way I know to do that is to turn to the maker of this product. The creator of all human life. The creator sends me an updated app that takes out all the flawed processes and reboots me. And no the creator is NOT Steve Jobs!

We all need to be rebooted from time to time and have those apps that are not right for our system be taken out, never to be used again. Seriously though, we all screw up from time to time. We get violent in our actions towards others. We all have been abused by the life around us. We are told that we are loved, but then have our bodies hurt by our own foolish actions.

We need to be “programed” by the “good programer”. For how can we even be a “smartphone” when we are too dumb to do what we were designed to do.

Unlike a smartphone, computer or other item that can be rebooted, I can not just throw myself away and not affect those who are near and dear to me, including my creator. We live in a disposable world right now. I find that I have not appreciated my family or myself as something that will never be on this earth ever again. Oh there will be more humans long after I’m gone, but the unique family that I have will not be seen again. I need to see my family as God sees them.

You are wondering why this post is going the way it is?

I did something that I promised myself I would never do to a member of my family.

Well, I did.

I hurt someone.


What is so bad about this is I have done it before. And I don’t want to do it ever again. So I have prayed and asked to have that part of me to be gone. I’ve asked to be set to my original state of being in Christ. For that is my operating system and who I have to count on to teach me AGAIN on how to be to my family.

I find that HIS operating system has many better apps than the ones that I added myself. I find that I really need to go into deeper details than just the graphic pictures in the instruction manuel that show how to operate me. Though this is available to me in many forms, I will still find that unless I really know the creator of this “phone” then I will not work properly and malfunction. And the Ultimate Creator will make sure his “product” will function the way it’s supposed to work.

You want to know what I find so amazing about the Ultimate Creator? He doesn’t’ give me a life time guarantee but guarantees me a lifetime. There’s no recall on the product that is me. I can be reset, but at the cost of loosing applications that will not benefit my UC, myself or my family. These original apps are learnable and are free. I only have to use them wisely and without guilt. These apps work better and will never wear out. I never need to be upgrade again.

These original factory setting apps are:




Self Control



And a direct com link with the Ultimate Creator

The anger app that caused the problem is NOT gone, but is in the process of being rewired to be angry at evil,

I am grateful to the Ultimate Creator not giving up on his creation.



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