And A Child Will Correct You

12 02 2011

I am so proud of what my eldest daughter did the other day.

My last post was about “The Gift In You” by Dr. Leaf. What I didn’t tell you was about the “Two Trees” that grow in your brain. Dr. Leaf describes and even made graphics of two trees. They are “love” and “fear” and the way you work out thoughts and life depends on which tree you feed.

After understanding that and re-learning that Jesus’ Way is not fear but love, I am able to understand what I am feeding my mind, heart and soul.

A few days ago, we go a notice in the mail that our youngest daughter’s shot record was not up to date. She had gotten her shots done back in December but we had not told the school yet. She would be denied schooling on Feb 16th if we don’t get the record to the school. (Good news is that the records go to school with Shelby on Monday.)

Now I thought that the doctor’s office would have gotten that to the school, since everything is now connected on the internet. (Yeah, right) and I lost control.

The old “fear” me started to come out. I was yelling and throwing things. My daughter Suzy and I had talked about the two trees a few weeks ago. She stood her ground with me and yelled at me “DAD, YOU’RE THINKING OUT OF FEAR! YOUR IN THE WRONG TREE!”

That stopped me and shocked me. How did she remember that? WHY did she remember that? I think that HER Lord guided her. MY Lord spoke through her.

My only response was to stick my tongue out at Suzy and start laughing. She was right. I blamed the doctor, the school and the internet for not doing what WE as parents are supposed to do. It’s our job as parents to take the information to the school.

This is why I’m am so proud of my daughters. I have taught them to respect me, but to call me out when I am wrong. To not put up with the “fear” and to conquer those fears with love.

I am grateful for the Lord of Love who has guided me to books and the tools I need to become who HE is having me be. I am grateful to Him for working through my daughter also. I find that I’m not so quick to get upset anymore. I still get mad about things, but I don’t hold onto that anger as long as I used to.

My daughter saved me from another outburst that would have driven me further into fear. Although she yelled at me, she showed compassion for me. She did understand that I was in fear, but she didn’t. She was thinking of her sisters and what might happen if I went ballistic. I was able to recognize that fear was attempting to take hold of me again.

That “tree of fear” is weak and wants to grow again, but it is like an invasive plant that has no place in me now. I hope that it will never again be as strong as it used to be. I hope it will shrink, wither and die.

Just like when Jesus told the fig tree to die, that’s what I hope He will continue to do for the fear trees in all of us.

I wish to end with a quote from Brennan Manning that I wish to live by the rest of my days. It makes good sense. It contains no fear.

“All that matters today is patience, kindness, tenderness, and compassion.” (The Wisdom of Tenderness, pg.74)



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