Coming out of the Holiday Bubble

2 01 2011

It’s the most wonderful day of the year. You know, the one where you are looking forward to the kids going back to school the next day, those that took the two weeks off going back to work. And people will start being “normal” again. That “we are all one and love each other” nightmare is over.

As we start this new calendar year, we will see more people hating what the other is doing. We will start to fear everything again. And why?

We would love to stay inside the “safe holiday” bubble all the time. To have our Christmas hearts all the time. That loving welcoming greeting. As we all should be. But here on the 2nd day of the new year, the hate is swelling again.

Already on Twitter and the Sunday talk shows, our Government officials are gearing up to hate each other again. The watchdogs of social religion piety are sending the links to what crappy thing the religious right is doing.

We Christians have not let our hearts be changed by the celebration of Christ coming to earth. At least that is what the Christmas season is supposed to be. Yeah, the tradition was stolen from the Winter Solstice, but should we Christians be thankful for the fact that we even remember Jesus?

I’m being a bit of a New Year Grinch. We have not entered a “clean slate” when it comes to God, politics and life.

In my previous post, I really do feel that some kind of change is going to happen for me and my family. Returning to a Christian community setting, like Evergreen, is one of my goals for this year. I know that I need to get going and be a part of it. My problem is that I don’t want to have just friends who believe as I do, but to be part of those who’s lives can only be touched by God through me.

The reality of what is called “life” all depends on me continuing to live as if Jesus is around the next corner. It depends on me seeing Christ forming in my daughters. It depends on me seeing Christ in me and in my wife.

There’s still so much I don’t know, but I have so much to share about what the Lord is doing to me. This has been hurting a bit, even making me bitter towards the behavior of the world.

My holiday bubble got busted this year past year too. My 97 year old grandma is living with congestive heart failure. Doctors say she has only 1 to 2 years left. Or she could die tomorrow.

She’s been a courageous woman and to see her acting like a weak child in need of her family is saddening. Her two daughters, my mom and aunt are not in state and it seems that they are unwilling to take time out of their lives and come help take care of her.

Being her only blood relative near by, it’s up to me to see her. She has a good helper in the house and hospice will come from time to time , but she really needs her family.

This YEAR 2011 is gonna be something else. Dealing with my grandmother, doing what I can to help her, working out what do after the school year ends in June, and getting involved with Evergreen people, I already have a full plate, with no room for seconds.

My “safe” bubble is gone. I’m alright with that. I’ve come to understand that being safe is a matter of God and not one of human making.

So on this day, I am content to be unclear about what my goals or resolutions will bring. All I want to do this year is BE love. No more, no less.




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