Black Friday

26 11 2010

And now for a perspective about Black Friday that needs to be said:


Black Friday is a time that we worship the Almighty Dollar, that small unimportant god that wants to replace the true Lord.

Days like this make me wonder “Did Jesus really die for this?”

I have this idea in the back of my head to write a horror/slasher/Die Hard type of story for “Black Friday” with Jesus showing up at the end to restore everyone back to sanity.

Back when I worked in retail/specialty stores, we always liked this day, because we knew that we would have to make several runs to the bank to take all the cash that would be in the registrars.

I worked the mall when the mall was still cool a place to hang out, in a joke shop, a video store, and the food court. One year in all THREE! For the part time worker, this Day and time of year meant you could get more than 20 hours a week, but you sold your soul at the same time.

Having to meet goals, disappoint people because a special order couldn’t be done in time for Christmas or being out of stock of the door busters within 30 seconds of the door open shows that we all are sick when it comes to things that really don’t bring life.

Meanwhile we have homeless people who may or may not by choice be living in the streets and we pass by them ignoring that they have “nothing”.

Here is were our “wisdom” or “reason” for this shopping season starts to fail us. As a people and as a country.

For years we have been told that to be a healthy and well nation that we need an economy built on shopping. But most of our jobs are not here in the USA. We buy our “Black Friday” things are not made here in the USA. But we continue to shop because we get “good deals” for staying up all night. We get our high from shopping.

But the homeless poor are NOT shopping, they are looking for a place to stay out of the cold. The “debt” home people are not shopping for Christmas presents, but are still climbing out of the debt they got into from years of believing that “buy now, pay later” was the way to help everyone.

That by having “credit” will make jobs for the stores. What a lie. Most retail outlets will not hire anyone full time (40 hours a week) because then they have to start paying good wages.

What we all need to do is overcome our greed for a good deal. Start living without all the “comfort” and “instant gratifications” that we have grown up with.

I must admit that I was once addicted to the shopping rush. I wasted a lot of money, and not just on Black Friday. I spent thousands of dollars on Star Trek and Star Wars toys. I fed my addiction by finding discounted action figures at outlet stores. I wasted my resources for a quick fix and high from finding a treasure. I made the mistake of thinking that true life comes from the getting of physical gifts. This is a lie.

I am really thankful that I have come to understand that all the toys, DVD’s, and “junk” that we buy is only worth what corporations think they are worth. A group of people sitting somewhere in an office making up numbers for a “fair price” while making a profit for themselves and not providing for their “slave force”, namely the under-educated people, is in humane.

I really hope that people who have headed out today to shop will wake up and see what a joke this day has become. That their “hard earned” cash is really not free to spend. The deals that they get really are not deals and that they are getting screwed. (There are a few good sales, those that provide for what you NEED, not what you WANT like socks, bed sheets, the necessities of life.)

Truth be told, there is nothing wrong with shopping or a company making some money. It’s the targeting of the working poor into thinking that they can have it now and pay for it later, have everything before you die, that turns your soul from gratefulness to absolute individualism that then kills the spirit.

We need to leave a mindset of “this shows my love” to “I AM LOVE!”

All our junk that we bought this morning will loose it’s luster a few days after it is opened on Christmas day. Even that new HD TV will become just a fixture and you will ignore the brilliance of it.

All the junk will not compare to having a friend that will stand up for you even when you have nothing. All the sale prices can do is make you say “But I got such a good deal on this!”

I got over my addiction. It takes faith in something bigger than money, consumerism, and all those other “isms”.

I hope you find it this season.

And now: Mr. Harry Connick Jr

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26 11 2010
Kathleen McDade

Mrs. Dances With Klingons is glad that you said socks are OK. 🙂

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