Make the Joke on You -A Confession and Challenge

5 11 2010

A friend on Twitter made the comment that “If God hates gays, why does all the natural disasters happen in the Bible Belt.” I replied with a sarcastic comment about Haiti not being in the belt better check your map. “Pretty heavily Catholic down there ;)” was his reply.

For me the joking ended. I felt regret that the joke could even be made.
I started to imagine the mess and what is happening in Haiti and how lucky I really am to live in a house that doesn’t leak. I started to imagine what could happen if we spent the money used on elections to rebuild homes in Haiti.

I started thinking about how foolish it is that we think we are so poor here, taxed to death and how there are no jobs. Then I thought of Haiti again. Did God destroy Haiti because of gays? Are we not all humanity, every one? And to make fun of the plight and real poverty that has happened?

Joking about humans dying from something that they have no control over?

How can we be so foolish? And we think this is OK to do.

How much of our sarcasm is based in fear? I believe all of it is.

Here is what I understand about disasters. The deity know as God doesn’t do them. Our failing to believe in Abba, the God of Abraham, the God of Moses, The God of Jesus, or the God of Mohammad is not in not why these things happen. Just because someone is attracted to the same sex does not mean God is gonna kill us all.

God doesn’t live outside of the human , but lives within us all. Jesus preached a message of the Kingdom of God is within you. I still haven’t heard this message in a church for a long time. Oh yeah your hear morals, social gospels and you can have it all now. But what if Christians preached only Jesus’ good news and wisdom?

For me, the teachings of Jesus matter. And it doesn’t matter if the Jesus of the Bible was a real person or not, the wisdom of his Way does wonders for the human Psyche.

I come to understand that people love to be more about themselves and preach that they love others, but have never understood what it means to love without any conditions.

We say we love humanity, but do we? We make fun of each other, quiet cruelly, and then laugh it off.

Some claim that there is no god and joke about how unenlightened and stupid religious people are. And then go on to “prove there is no god” with programs that look a lot like religious meetings.

What does all this have to do with Haiti?

Probably nothing. Possibly everything. I really started to understand that when I make fun of someone who doesn’t understand what is inside me that I devalue that person too.

I understand that humans are all the same basic makeup. But when I blanket an entire group of people or even dare say that I am different than them, then I demonize all of humanity. Including myself.

The fact that people in another country, that are just as in love with Christ, that are just as messed up as we are, don’t deserve to have them compared to a religious idiot! When a Christian goes around saying that God Hates Fags is just has harmful to humans as it is to say that God kills Christians because they say they hate fags. Or even imply that God would even use the elements against us have no sense of decency and need to rethink their position on why they believe what they do.That a person would even dare laugh at someone’s plight is devastating to anyone’s spirit.

I am guilty of this too.

So I am done of making fun of others. If need be, I will make the joke back on myself. I learned from my days as a clown that the joke is always to be on you. If you are not humbled by your own foolishness, then you never grow up.

We ALL need to grow up. We all need to see ourselves in the other person. So I want to give you a challenge. Something that will possibly push you out of a comfort zone. When you feel like calling someone out on what they believe or think, stop and look in the mirror first.

I challenge everyone, including myself, to stop calling people hypocrites unless you know that they are not following what they believe. I want to challenge Christians to quit pointing the finger unless you are pointing it at yourself . I challenge Atheist, to quit trying to debunk “God” if you don’t have one, or even believe in a deity. Sit down with a believer and listen to their story. You will know if they are speaking the truth about who they are.

I challenge any person of any faith to quit picking and choosing sections of your religious text. Read the text and LIVE IT! Don’t force it on someone who doesn’t give a damn. (A mistake I have made time and time again. I ask for your forgiveness )

Lastly to the people who have been hurt by religion, politics and modernism, here is some good news. You are loved. Though you have been through troubles, people before you have gone through the same thing. There is a wind of change that is coming to you. But that wind is inside of you. Search out another who is experiencing that same change. Pretty easy to do if you have the internet, harder to do in person.

I am not the world’s greatest theologian. I am but a man who feels that the world is a good place and that we have messed it up. I am a man who believes in Jesus’ Way and not the religion that has sprung up around him. I want you to know that I may not always be correct, but I am still growing up and becoming more and more to be like the Christ that I fully believe the Spirit wants me to be. And let’s me be.

I pray that Shalom be with you.

May you find the peace within you and then you become that light and will be a beacon of love to a hurting world.




2 responses

5 11 2010
Kathleen McDade

Yup. I have to point the finger at myself daily. No, not THAT finger!

6 11 2010

I like this peace and agree with it. Nicely put.

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