Faith: More than just Belief

24 09 2010

I love my Papa!

Just read an email from my work. I WILL KEEP DRIVING! Have to go retrain for two days, but this will help. Back to school for me and re learn how to check those blind spots.

Even so, I still feel this pull to look for other work. (Sorry First Student if you happen to check out this post). I understand how wonderful the love of Papa really is and why it’s so important to start being aware of that love.

My faith in a loving Papa is more than just belief. I know, I know you atheist and people who just won’t believe in the God of the Bible, GOOD FOR YOU! The God who I know is not found in the pages there, but in a presence that is felt and experienced.

The Bible pointed me towards the Living God that is now and was always being a part of me.

With the way the world is shifting further and further into hatred of the other, I prefer my “imaginary” papa than anything else that the craziness of politics, religion and outward appearances can offer.

It took me a long time to understand this, but this is part of a natural process that I fully understand to be from and IN the thing we have nicknamed “God”.

I am still growing in Jesus’ likeness, which goes against anything that I see in the world. I am letting this “God” who I AM tells me of his love through my family, people who I encounter and those who have no experience of Him but reflect the wonder of Spirit.

Faith is not about belief, or even believing in Him. It’s about love, trust and compassion. Faith is about unconditional love. Yeah, better said than done. Being is just what we do.

My life has been turned around because of a faith that I had to learn to trust, unconditionally.

Praise PAPA!



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