Money is Debt

1 09 2010

I watched a short movie called Money is Debt. Have you ever wondered WHERE the money we use comes from? According to the documentary cartoon, our USA financial system is not based on precious metals or even oil anymore, it is done through a system of debt.

You can find the movie here

As I watched this 47 min movie, I came to hear some wise words from the past and from my favorite fictional characters.

“No servant can serve two masters. Either he will hate the one and love the other, or he will be devoted to the one and despise the other. You cannot serve both God and Money.” – Jesus

“I suppose you don’t use money in the future? Well, we don’t!” – exchange between Gillian and Captain Kirk in Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home

“The economics of the future are somewhat different. You see, money doesn’t exist in the 24th Century. The acquisition of wealth is no longer the driving force in our lives.” Captain Picard in Star Trek: First Contact

Ironic that movies that made millions for Paramount echo the words of Jesus about money. I think we really need to take heed of this. Just knowing now how the financial system of the USA is, that we are born into this world already in debt and that having “good” or “bad” debt is the normal way, we are not really living.

I made the mistake of using credit cards to purchase the instant gratification during my young adult years. We are given “credit” that we have to pay back. But is what you buy on credit really worth that price that you paid. Slavery is alive and well, but it doesn’t have a human face anymore.

There are plenty of “get rid of debt” services out there. I know because we did one, and we still ended up with more debt after words because we find that there is no way to not live in the current society without it.

I am hopeful that my wife and I are teaching our girls not to spend what they don’t currently have. I am hopeful that we can transcend this indoctrination of the pursuit of the false god called “money”.

I think of bird and animals who don’t use money still find food, shelter and companionship. We humans are messed up when it comes to being with each other, just for the sake of being. We value a piece of paper or a number in a bank account over the living presence of Spirit within each other.

I still look at the story of Jesus, what his good news was, and wonder why we don’t have any accounts of HOW much money his followers had for day to day expenses.

We many not want to accept that we in the USA live in slavery to the debt system. We are all affected by it. We are all addicted to it.

My hope is that before my body wears out, that the debt I have accumulated will be gone. That will mean a change of lifestyle, sacrifice of comfort and not letting my bills get me down.

The American Dream of home ownership is dying. We build humongous houses for what? More junk, an unsustainable system that is collapsing and many want to keep the country going as it was in the 1950’s after World War II. This is not possible on a system built on gold, silver or “credit”.

As much as I hate to agree with Glenn Beck, we must turn back to God. Which god that is, I tend to side with the one that created Christ. That IS Christ. The one who said that you will always have the poor WITH you. The one that said love the lord with all that you are and all that you have. The one who understood that God’s Kingdom is within you.

I do not worship the god know as “America” for she is a bitch and only wants to keep you enslaved to the systems. That is what the religious set does. That’s what the rich do.

We need to put away our childish need for money. Realize that just like any tool, if it is not used properly that it will be used for harm, early death and destruction.

We can not go back to the way it was in the 1950’s. Individualism has killed the dream of home ownership for some. The sons and daughters of God have no place to rest their heads.

For who we are is not followers of ONE god, but followers of too many. We need to search again for the One who paid our debt.

Meanwhile, we will have to act as if there is no pursuit of wealth. Ignore the stock market, start talking and being with the neighbor who doesn’t believe like you do. Quit building up treasure here on earth and putting that which matters into the heart.

This is good news to the working poor. This is good news to those on the fringe. This is good news to those who have tried and can’t do as the rich do. This is a kingdom built on love. Not money. Not debt.

Let’s make it so. Together.



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