The Problem with Opinion

28 07 2010

And that should be enough for this blog post, since what I write really is mostly what I think and is only my opinion. But what the hey, if I were to not say what I think, I would never get over my thoughts.

One person says we need to keep things the same, another says that we need change.
One person thinks everything is good, another sees the same view and says it’s bad.

Can we really not have an opinion? Why is it that when we question we only find that our question really is not relevant to what you see right in front of you?

Lately I’ve been attempting to read a lot of Conservative views, both religious and political, to understand why they say that the right is the correct opinion to follow. That all liberals are bad, evil people. Really? Really? I thought that once too. But I started to get to know that all the bellowing from anyone comes from not knowing who you are yourself.

How many times has your opinion caused a rift between you and a good friend. How often do you find yourself drawn to someone who thinks or has the same opinion while staying away from those who make you “sick” because of their “sinful” or “wrong” thinking.

Here again is where you and I would be better to stop having opinions and start having a friendship built on the fact that you and I are here.

What if we could turn off our opinions on how wrong or how wonderful the government officials are being and start to find out what our real passions are?

I have been reading “Toxic Talk” by Bill Press. And the stories of the Conservative talk radio personalities are literally making me sick! I continue to read on only to see if there is any way to redeem the hate-filled world of the air waves.

On BOTH sides.

This is just my opinion that the far right is living in a fantasy world of fear and suffering that doesn’t exist. Most of them are paid a healthy fee for speaking their mind. Perhaps I need to become a far left looney and get on Air America, yell and scream that the far right is so evil that they must be Nazis! (That’s what they call anyone who disagrees with them.)

What I find wrong about this hate filled talk, and both sides do it, only makes the world a more unloving place.

I am guilty of making my opinion filled with hate towards the institutions of both the government, during the Bush Jr. era, and the religious right since I learned about the love of God.

Like Anakin Skywalker, I felt that the “evil” Republicans and Christians were holding me back. But what I have discovered is that only I held myself back. I don’t play too well with others because I grew up being the nerd and wimpy kid. When I got a sense of power, I would waste what happened, didn’t influence anyone and ended up with egg on my face.

That is what is happening to many who are unwilling to learn about the way the other does things. And it can make you sick. Both in heart, mind and soul.

I think that in what ever form of communication you have with God, The Father or who ever you pray to, perhaps ask the deity what his opinion of the world really is.

I know I found his answer in Genisis, and Mark. (Though this might only be the opinion of the person who wrote down the stories). God says the world is good. That is HIS opinion. That means, IMHO, that ALL are good, no matter what.

This is the problem with opinion. Who’s is the right one?



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