The Problem With Belief

22 07 2010

There is a pattern to my blog post lately. That there are problems.
I find that pointing out the problem I have with something reveals that the problem really is just perception.

So now here is my problem with belief.

You only THINK you believe in or about something. Until you experience something, you only THINK you understand what that is.

Take for example the first time you though you knew what milk tasted like. You drank a cup yesterday so you believe it will taste the same as it did. Then you discover that the milk has gone sour.

I find belief to be only in the head and not in the fullness of the body.

Now those that have been reading this blog know where I’m heading with this. How can you believe in God without experiencing him outside of your body. Can mere words make you THINK you have experienced God?

How can you believe in words on a page?

This is where someone will chime in and say, “Well, it’s really all about faith then.” Aaah yes, the fall back answer when you are unable to answer a question about God.

I used to believe that the Bible was the printed word of God. But thanks to Ted Dekker, author of the Circle book series, has changed my perception again.

In the story there are “The Story of History” books which when you write in them , it becomes reality. Now this may be fiction, but it makes good sense. The Circle books give a great way to encounter God in print. But yet I still don’t believe that the printed word can even come close to encountering God in the flesh.

I know God is here. Right now. I don’t believe this. I don’t know it. I just accept that is the reality.

But there are those who say that he doesn’t exist. And fully believe they are correct. For that person this is true. Perhaps they don’t need God. See this comes from THINKING again.

Some days I doubt God’s existence, like when things are not going the way that I wish they would. But I am aware that this being God existed . Does that mean God no longer exists, but within the pages of a book?

This is where faith would come in again. But if I am only living in faith, then I won’t be alive at all. Faith tends to be all mental in today’s society. I don’t live that way. Faith is like a tide in me, some days so far in the shore that it’s flooding the streets, other days like having run on thick sand dunes for miles to reach the water.

Yet that faith is only in my head. Only in my wishes.

I can’t explain really how I came to find God’s Kingdom within. Yes, studying and reading the Bible did help. But the Bible can only point to God, it can not speak for God when he speaks to you through a human standing in front of you, a tree that has stood for a hundred years, or that dog you swear you heard it say “hi”.

What I might have believed as a child has changed. What I might believe tomorrow about God might change. But I know this, what doesn’t change can never grow or become what it is mean to be.

If you believe in the Bible, good for you. Perhaps I can get back to believing that it’s relevant for me today sometime. The story is good. But I don’t find God in there anymore.

What you may believe to be true, I might see too, but in a different way. I once heard that Truth is like a ham sandwich. It has ham, but some see it as incomplete, needing more items on it to be the truth.

I see that with belief. Some people need more than just the awareness of God, sprinkle it with Bible verses, and a dose of American Jesus.

But what if all we need to do is just be quiet enough in head, to hear what the heart, soul and body are saying?

Our belief in something or someone only grows when we encounter that in the flesh. We all experience that differently. Hopefully that encounter will change the way you are inside. Then you can hear that voice that is unseen, to guide you, not needing a “script” in a book.

I hear a voice saying “What? Are you suggesting we through OUT the Bible?!?!” No, I’m just saying that eventually you won’t need the “script” to be fully aware of God. You won’t need to do it by written instruction. It will flow naturally.

We walk by faith, not by sight. But seeing is believing. And those that have not seen will believe because of what I have taught.

YOU become a living Bible so you don’t have to believe any more. You just ARE.

I find that it has taken 20 years to understand this, and I still don’t understand why I understand this.

This is my problem with my own belief. I wish I could say I was 100% sure that my view is the “real truth”. But I can’t. But I do know that what I’ve written here is the truth as I perceive it.

What do you believe?



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