The Problem with the Money Game

21 07 2010

I have never been very good with money. When I lived at home after high school, I spent almost all my pay check on “stuff”. When I got my first credit card, I used the card to fill my need of “stuff”.

When I look back on what this has caused, I am amazed that I am still alive. So many times we think that the savior of the world is fiance, power and wealth. We forget the wisdom that is already inside of us as babies. We are taught that you must work for a living. What a strange phrase? We work to say that we are living?

And what do we get for our hard work? Numbers. Green paper that says you can use me for the things you want.

Now when I was a baby, and this is just speculation, I didn’t need money. So why did the world decide that you need money? When did this become the “normal” way of life.

Within the stories of Jesus he has said you can’t severe God AND money. I’ve been rethinking what this could mean. Perhaps it means you can not serve your loving Father while perusing the greed that money brings.

I don’t play too well with other Christians, mostly because I have a different POV about Jesus. But I see no where within the story of his history that money and wealth has brought nothing but slavery of the masses.

You see, I feel that I have lost this game. How to win with money. How to use it so I can feel superior to you.

The score is Money 2,000,000,000,000 Steven’s family 0

Game over!

The problem with this game is that the winner is lording it over me. The phone calls from the debt collectors, the bank account overdrawn due to the rules that the banks use, but the average person doesn’t take time to understand. (That be me). And the cycle of hiding from the world because you don’t make a living continues.

This game is evil.

I was asked once if I could hate evil. I can’t hate what I don’t understand. So I have to learn a NEW game. The one that will put something BETTER than I in charge of what goes on.

A daily event, every moment. Trusting in something that I am only aware of. Trusting that the Truth about money is being learned and that God will restore HIS command over this game.



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