Book Review “Imaginary Jesus”

20 06 2010

Now I usually would just list a book that I really enjoyed or has made a difference to me on my “books” page, but this requried more info and a good word.

I finished “Imaginary Jesus” by Matt Mikalatos, “A not-quite-true story” and found a wonderful tale that I think every single one of us that has attempted to find the “real” Jesus has gone through, or is going through.  The story is set in my native city of Portland Oregon and the surrounding areas.  A man named Matt is sitting with his version of Jesus in a local restaurant.  Then all hell breaks loose as Matt goes on an adventure that covers all the different Jesus’ that are out there.

Full of humor, Portland landmarks, including Powell’s books, Mt. Hood and the streets that I grew up on and still roam around myself,  This is a book that will change your perspective on WHO your personal Jesus is.

Mr. Mikalatos’s story is a combination of people’s personal journeys into his character of Matt.  You run into yourself in this book so much that it’s like your own story is being exposed.  How many times have you pictured Jesus as a business man, a politician, a super hero, Harry Potter (yes, there is a Jesus Potter!).

Matt gives you an opportunity in a fictitious world to come to understand that you may be following a “false” Jesus.

This story reminds me of a song by Todd Agnew called “My Jesus” :

I liked the story “The Shack” but I feel that “Imaginary Jesus” is a better story and will make you confront the image of Jesus that you follow.  I know it did mine.



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20 06 2010
Matt Mikalatos


Thanks so much for this great review! I’m glad that you enjoyed it. Thanks so much for the kind words… it means a lot, especially from a fellow Portlander!


28 10 2010
Book Review: Imaginary Jesus by Matt Mikalatos « What's the mission?

[…] husband managed to snatch this book and read it before I did, and he posted his review a long time ago. He also included Todd Agnew’s song “My Jesus,” which totally […]

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