Mermorial Day- We will fight no more

31 05 2010

I had two grandfather-in-laws who fought in World War II and my own dad served in Korea as a medic, but I am sick and tired of there being a glorifying of the fallen heroes.

I understand that we are born into the world with nothing and we will leave with nothing.  We are coming to an understanding that war only begets more war and violence.   All those brave men and women who died in WWII have died for nothing.

The war to end all wars didn’t do it.  And now I am getting so mad about the fact that we spend millions of dollars to “protect the homeland” (a phrase that was made famous by Adolf Hitler,  “pay homage to fallen “comrades”  (this term comes from the Soviet Union, a great evil from the past)  and that we follow Jesus but are not willing to love our enemy.

Sometime I hate being a citizen of the United States of America.  Sometimes I wonder why so many people want to come here and “steal our jobs” as the Tea Party people would have us believe.

On this Memorial Day, I remember that we were never to be at war ever again after WWII.    Our movies make wars look fun or be a great adventure.  What we are doing is teaching our childern to make a sacrifice for mom and dad, for a way of life that is not the way of Jesus.

My hope is that this country can understand how the rest of the world hates the over-consumeristic and imperialistic stance that the USA currently represents.   We need to start over with the true values that come from doing work for the sake of doing work.  That we earn money not to be alive, but so that we can continue doing good works that help all.

It has been said that this country was built on Judeo-Christian values.  That is a lie.  From the time Columbus set out to find a new trade route, this country has been all about who has the money.  If you don’t have any, get credit and live like the rich.

I even fell into this trap, and have a lot of debt for things that I have sold off just so I can make rent.

This is the American Dream now, getting out of debt,  keeping the homeland safe from all.  This used to be the land of the free, home of the brave, but it is now the land of the pay back latter and home of the passive/aggressive bully.

I love this world.  There is more to it than the USA.  But the country needs to take the lead, turn it’s back on the warrior culture and turn to the way of peace.  We need to turn back to the source of everything , the human soul, that says we need to take care of each other.

If you’re gonna teach a man to fish, you better make sure you know how to do it correctly and do it  not for profit, but so all can live a better life.

We have to get rid of the greed.  We need to be more aware of what we need and what we want.  Wants kill, needs bring life.

So I honor my grandfather-in-laws by understanding that when they served in the “war to end all wars” that I should war no more.  To come to compromises that benefit all and not just those with money.

I ask you to rethink your celebrations, memorials and understand WHO is still alive and who’s ways no longer matter.  Honor those who died for YOUR current way of life, by living IN peace through humble, kind and loving acts.  Not violence that will only cause more people to HATE what this country used to stand for.

Don’t fall for the lie of power though military might.  Rome believed that and look what happened.  Iraq believed that.  Look what happened.

I beg of you, rethink your warring ways and ask those who died in war,” Is this what you died for?  An America full of hate mongers, big cars, more and more junk in the house?”

Peace be with you.  Thanks Grandpas for ending wars once and for all.  I will not war!




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