New Horizon and Perspective

20 05 2010

Perhaps it’s my age, or perhaps it’s because it’s because I stepped out of what is tradition when it comes to Jesus, but I am aware that there are people who don’t share my point of view.

Those people who are still inside of their “safe houses of god” would say that I am deluded, a heretic and need to repent!

But what if I am so “crazy” that I can see something of my self in that view of how I used to be?

I’ve started to explore the mystical side of Jesus and finding that his statement according to the gospel attested to John of  I AM sounds very much like Buddha.

Since adopting this new perspective, I discover that when I Am reading a Bible, I become those who wrote  the version that I’m reading.  Each version of the Bible is seen through the lens of the time and place it was first put on the page.  The King James in that time, The Message in the now.

Though the language has changed,  the story hasn’t.

The being known as “God” has been around ever since we humans first became self aware, and in an attempt to control this being, we put our stamp on it.

What I have encountered  in resent months, is that I no longer believe that God exists.   I am AWARE  that God exists.  I am understanding that God lives in everyone.    The first to become famous for this is Jesus of Nazareth.

I am aware that people still think that they are not IN God, but OF God.  But how can you be aware of this unless you experience this.

I’ve come to understand that the Gospel according to John is a mystical way of telling the story.  I AM the way, the truth, the life  is what Jesus was supposed to have said.   He was not saying that he was God!  He was saying that just because Jesus IS, God IS too.

Part of this comes from reading books by Eckart Tolle, and also from the latest book by John Shelby Spong called “Eternal Life” A New Vision – Beyond Religion, Beyond Theism, Beyond Heaven And Hell.  Not to mention all those Brian McLaren books.

Spong’s words in Eternal Life could have been put there by me.  For I was feeling what he has, and much earlier in my life than him.

I see a new horizon on the way, one where ALL will be restored to the ONE who created everything and every soul.

It takes getting out of religious certainty and embrace the WAY of Jesus, not Churchianity Christianity.   No religion can describe the ONE.   We use the term Father in the Christ tradition.  Even that is lacking now for how I understand the Being who our limited language only calls Christ.



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