Republicans, There you go again…

24 04 2010

Yes, I dared to quote Ronald Regan.

Over the past few weeks there the news has reported on what is happening in Arizona about immigration, and now I see the Republican conservatives wanting to spread fear again, disguised as “homeland” safety.

Making “illegal” people carry their “papers” to prove that they are here to work is just like slapping a Star of David on a Jew !   For God’s sake ALL are human beings!

I understand your fear, for I grew up with a conservative dad, who still from what I can tell, thinks that “Mexicans” , as he calls them, are the problem with America.

Here in Portland Oregon we have lots of immigrants, and I don’t really care if they are here illegally.  They are working to send money to family back home, and they have taxes taken out, if they are not working at a poverty level.

Everyone is born here.  All are equal in God’s eyes.  We need to see that and not tell everyone that you can’t be here.  When you come to Earth in the form of a baby, you have already inherit the Earth,  for all that is good and bad.

You have to face facts and truth Republicans:   The future is here!  The old ways are dying and will be gone.  You value tradition over people!

Talk to some of the people who see the world as God sees it.  Quit using scare tactics and secrecy.

What do I mean by secrecy?   Sara Pailn was in Eugene Oregon last night.  She got paid to speak.  But no electronic media or even the press was aloud in.  The only quote that has been “leaked” was about how Mrs. Pailn  loves granola AND her Nikes.       It cost a person, who could have given the money directly to their church to help those who are “less fortunate”   HUNDREDS of dollars!

Why does that make any sense?  In fact, Republicans, what do you need with money?

To go off track for a minute,  the stereotype of a Conservative Republican is that they are also a Conservative Christian.  Well, if you truly follow Jesus you are not to have any money!  You are to trust the unseen God for food, clothing and shelter.   You are not to want “riches” here on earth.

As I watched those going into the Sara Palin event on TV,  I only saw men in suits and ties,  fashionable dresses and lots of  “old” money going in to hear her speak.  Good trick, teaching someone to give a speech.  I studied acting, just like Ronald Regan.  I can make someone believe something to be true to life, and make it an out and out lie.

That is what is going on.  LIES!

There you go again you dumb liberal.  Stereotyping and painting an ugly picture of what Republicans stand for.

It is you who are painting the picture and to you it may be lovely, but for the others, it is the grossest, vile Grindehouse painting ever made.

I understand that everyone has a God given right to the pursuit of happiness.  But what if happiness is only in the eye of the beholder?  What if we are not always to be happy, but to be in the moment to be aware that God is the only ONE to bring that happiness?

I’ve come to an understanding :  You can only live life while you live life.  Politics kills the soul, religion kills the soul, and humans forget how to BE.

I know that sounds dumb.

I may be dumb, but  “Wisdom is knowing less but understanding more.”

To bring this rant to a close, I would like ALL, not just Republicans, to really see what is going on.  To understand that money has become a god to both the left and right.  Start understanding that ALL are IN God, not just those that “think” like you do.

Republicans, spend some time in a liberal camp, and not the stereotype.  Democrats spend some time in a conservative camp.  Walk in those shoes.

As I was writing this post, my daughters put on the soundtrack to “Indiana Jones and The Kingdom of The Crystal Skull”.   I suddenly found myself unable to think.  The music got louder, the girls talking louder over the music and I just had to go and and turn EVERYTHING down.

It strikes me now that I shouldn’t post this, but did so anyway.  To make a point.  You never know when the Spirit will teach you something and how the enemy, your own ego, Satin, what ever you call  evil,  will make you distracted.

Face it America, the time for bickering is over.  It’s time to let stop valuing tradition over what is HAPPENING to divide HIS people.

As I said before, walk in the others life for a while, then and ONLY then will  you choose to take a new and different path.  How do I know this?

Been there, done that.  Doing something new.

I’m sorry for the rant.  I’m sorry that my ego gets the better of me at times.  May you know the peace that comes from knowing who you are.

There I go again,  finding the common ground and peace by going through the fire.

There YOU go again.

I end with a word that we all need to do:




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