What To Do?

16 03 2010

The church that my wife and I used to belong to has finally started doing the things we suggested at least two or three years ago.  As you know by reading my “Following Where Others Have Gone Before” page (If you haven’t read it, I suggest that you do before going on)  we left the church because it just was not “moving” but attempting to keep the club house going.

Ideas that either my wife or I suggested were passed over time and time again, unless the pastor OK’d the idea was the status quo.  Not to say that leadership is wrong, but how many times do we have to keep waiting for something to happen or for the “boss” to finally make a decision.

Part of the problem was the fact that the group we were with was the one I grew up in.  Just like Jesus, I was looked at as “the little boy who grew up here”.   I also attempted to re-capture a feeling that happened to me when I dedicated my life to Christ in California, instead of letting God do what he was gonna do with me.

I had recived an email from my loving wife today about how frustrated she was at what was happening at the “old” church.    She doesn’t want to go back and my reply was that I felt the people we need to be with are those we are meeting through our internet social media.

I am grateful that the “seeds” we planted at the old church are showing signs of life.  Part of me wishes to take the credit, but I now see that it is thanks to God for placing our family there when He did.

Part of that was by my own choice, but I see God’s Spirit did the work and not because of my efforts.

Spending time with the pastor and others at a band practice that was becoming a routine that wasn’t helping me grow in God  but was helping those that were, IMHO, stuck in the ground without some good rain to help water the plant.

I realize now that I am a transplant of two different takes of Christianity that are now becoming ONE through the life of Jesus.    Since I really took time to study and not just practice the wisdom of Jesus but really put it to work has changed me and my perspectives of the world.

I can see the “old” church dying but a new one growing in place of the old.  This is GOOD!   To make ego feel better though, I still would like to see the old fail so bad that the people would be in ruins.  ( See, I still sometimes think like a very hurt human).   But I have no more time for hate or to sit under a tree waiting for God to destroy the city!  DANG, that sounds just like Johan!

What good works that began through Jesus and then through all those others that have come before now have been planted through me.  I know that sounds like a big ego, but I didn’t choose to make trouble, it just happened as I left the tradtion of Methodism and Christianity.  This is the big reason why I couldn’t stay with the old church anymore.

When you compare yourself to Jesus you risk looking foolish, but I see a similar story happening .  Jesus HAD to leave his group so the Spirit could flourish and grow.  I HAD to leave so these things that were planted would grow without any help from Steven McDade!

I get it now.  This NEEDED to happen for the GOOD of everyone!  For the GOOD of God.

Yet I would love to have some kind of plaque on my wall that says “Well done!”    Perhaps all I need is to hear God telling HIS  number one SON   that.  I can’t take the credit for this!  But oh HOW MUCH do I WANT to.

Perhaps this is all a natural part of how humanity moves from being what I call “human” to ‘hue-man”.

So what to do now?

I’m gonna be happy for the old church!  I will continue to pray that God does Good with the group.  And I will pray that God will put our family where it needs to be to do the greatest good for His Country, Kingdom, what ever HE wants to call it.

That is gonna take prayer, in private, to be completely open to the Spirit and start again.




One response

16 03 2010
Kathleen McDade

That totally makes sense. Yes, my ego would like credit for what is happening. And the credit should go to God.

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