The Change (and it’s not what you think)

19 12 2009

Something is really changing about me.  And I think it is for my betterment.   I’ve been getting into the work or Deepak Chopra and have found great truth in his writing.

Every trace of the fundamentalist tones of Christianity have vanished from my soul.  I don’t get this.  The whole “blood sacrifice ” of Jesus I now believe to be a lie.  My views are starting to line up with Thomas Jefferson, and I had never read about his version of the Bible, but find that he had the same notions about Jesus that I came to on my own.

Even my wife has now come to the doubts and the ” making a big to do”  about the Birth of Jesus , his death and resurrection, and are focused on the here and now part of Jesus.  What he did between birth and death.

The Niece Creed is not to be believed anymore as “law”.  It is only facts about what happened to Jesus, not who he was, what he stood for and keeps people from experiencing Him right now.

I have been able to focus on the presence of the living God that now dwels inside, outside and all around me.  I see a beautiful world that is natural.  All the world was created by God, including man, machines, and pollution.  Some of it is beneficial, like machines, and some is not, like pollution.  We need to take care of each other, not with money but with the love that only God and humans can express.

What is evil is knowing that we understand what is good and bad.  God was to be the only one to know that, if you take Genesis literally.  We “died” in our ability to just “be”.

I understand myself better and why I have been changed, not only by God, but by understanding that I am unique and not unique at the same time.

I’m not sure what the end of this will be, but I know that I do feel a bit lighter in the soul, while being a bit bewildered at this change.

Thank you, Father, Creator.



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