The New Kingdom

30 11 2009

Jesus was always pushing the law and stretching it out to make the religious set really do what they say they believe.  Well, I’ve been thinking about the whole Kingdom of God and what it means to live in that Kingdom and feel that Jesus may not have gone far enough!

Yes, bold and crazy, just like the Guy who taught me this, through the Gospel accounts.

So I want to purpose that we push the idea of the Kingdom in a more inclusive direction:

Paul has been quoted as saying that in the Kingdom there is “neither Jew or Gentile, male or female, ect. ect. ect….

I say that in the Kingdom there is neither conservative or liberal, gay or straight, child or adult, rich or poor, and that everyone is welcome at the table of God.

Now why would I go and want to screw up America and the world by saying that this is what the Kingdom of God is like?  Because that IS what it is like.

I watched a video of a book signing being done by Sarah Palin.  The interviewer asked questions of her fans, such as “What is Mrs. Palin’s foreign policy?”  And they could not answer.  This disturbed me to the core.  Yet these people want her to run and be the president. Why?  Because they are looking for someone to “save their country”.

Even the fans of Keith Olberman, and the “left wing” are starting to doubt the “heath care reform”.  We continue to fight instead of taking the good ideas of BOTH sides and make it work!  God made both of you, so stop trying to get YOUR way and do things in the way of the one you follow!

I’ve come to understand that America , nations, tribes, etc are a creation of humans and really don’t line up with God’s reality as it is presented in the Bible story.  And yet it IS His reality too.  Dualism is vicious, but only if we let it be.   The truth is that the Bible is NOT GOD, but the story of our way of perceiving Him.

I purpose that the new kingdom of God makes us all wake up to the truth that God is not out do destroy us, have us tear each other down, and that anger becomes love when we understand that we have to LEARN to love each other.

We compromise on God’s love all the time, saying that he will only love us if we love him.  But that is not true!  He still loves even when we screw up.  All he asks of us is to love Him.  But he loves us even when we don’t.

God’s Kingdom is not one built on the power of money, in fact God does not HAVE money. The money is all his to give as he sees fit to do.  Some are better with this tool than others and not everyone who HAS the gift uses it well.  Those that have more than what they can figure out to do with it, need to give it freely and unconditionally to others who ask for it.   At some point we will move beyond using this green paper as means of showing our love to each other, because we will not need it.

I had a conservative friend yesterday ask me if the phrase “Teach a man to fish and he will eat for a life time,” was in the Bible.   It is not.  Neither is “God helps those who help themselves.”   That’s Ben Franklin.  And Ben was a bit of a jerk, just like most of us. Most people would agree that teaching someone a trade will put food on the table, that’s the way our society works right now.But if Jesus were here, right now, I think he would do something so radical that it would shock the entire world.  He would not only teach the person how to fish, he would teach them how to teach others and then he would tell that person “You go and do the same.”

“But what about those who are unwilling to learn a trade?  How about those ‘lazy good for nothings’ that you hear about?”

Good question, but are YOU one of those people?

“Well, no….but I know there are those leaches out there that want MY money.”

But who’s money is it really?

“Well, it’s really God’s if your idea of the Kingdom of God is here.”

Go teach someone else your trade,  but don’t leave them to do the job alone.  In fact, once you have taught your student let him lead as you slowly get out of the business.

What brings about poverty, in my opinion, is that we value what we can own over who we can love.   If you love to have a home, you make sure someone else has a roof over their head.  If you like to eat, you make sure someone else has the same thing you like to eat.  If you like clothes, don’t go for fashion that is over priced, wear simple, durable clothing that will last you and make sure you get some for someone else.

This is not a new idea, but we have become so over-individualized that we can not see the benefit of being together for the greater good known as God.  We have depended on Jesus only for so long and his “return” that we have missed him in the Spirit.  He is in His Kingdom, and he has told us where to find it.  Within yourself.   But the only way to experience the Kingdom is to find it outside of yourself, living out through your fellow human.



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