So Ready to go back to Work

29 11 2009

I’m really wanting to get back to driving the school bus.  When I worked in retail, I really was jealous of those who got the time off during the holiday breaks, but now I wish that we would just take the one day off and everyone get back to work!

Taking a break is good, but I get to bored!  When you don’t have money to spend frivolously, you don’t want to participate in the craziness that is “black Friday” or any of the shopping.  And I used to perpetuate that craziness and I apologize for sucking anyone into that culture.

But today I also don’t want to go back to driving the school bus.  As much as I like the job, I’m feeling that I need to change again.  There is a part of me that is wanting something more than a paycheck and just marking time at the job.  That’s what it feels like anymore, but hey, it’s something to do.


I used to like being a homebody, that was until I discovered that the outside world is a lot more fun!   I’m a movie buff and would rather go out to the movies with an audience than watch at home, but yet again, the money is so tight, and the movies not worth paying for, that I’ve just stayed in.  I enjoyed two days this time, the rest, not restful.

I’ve come to understand that I have gone from being a introvert, back when I was a kid in school I was beyond shy, to an overtly extrovert!  So being at home is not a restful place at times.  I like to be on the go and do things.  Even when I get house work done, I’m not sure what to do next.

So the only choice right now is working outside the home, just to feel connected with the world.   At least then I’m moving around.



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