Reality Check about Thanks

25 11 2009

I wanted to share with you an article,Growing Face of Modern Hunger In America that was done about my family’s situation on how we get by on food.   You will want to click on the picture of the little girl to start the video.



I am thankful that we have a food stamp, or EBT card right now and I thankful that we have a system in place so we can get food.   Yes, we have made many mistakes over the years and have attempted to live outside of our means, but our girls are very ,very smart and self-reliant due to the fact that we chose to sacrifice our financial security to have one parent at home so that they could learn from us.

I’m thankful that my family is not the only ones who have this problem.

I hope you noticed how the food pantry couldn’t even help someone.  Good people who do work are being told to not be human and even have some basics.  Our consumerist society is telling us to get what we want now.

What we need, and are told by Jesus is that we get food , clothing and shelter in the Kingdom of God.

This is what I’m thankful for.  In no way do I consider myself lazy, as some conservative pundits  would like to portray the working poor.  I’m thankful that Jesus says that the poor will always be with you.

So this year, don’t just give money to the homeless and to “those poor working slobs.”    Get to know them.  Go to their homes.  Meet them on the street.  For in this economy, you might end up being one of those who are left out.




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