Happy Holy Day!

31 10 2009

The Spooky things are coming up to the door like mad this year.  And I start to realize that the silly season is upon us again.   And I just ran out of candy at 7:15pm so  the Jack-O-Lantern as been put out.

Halloween marks the beginning of the “end of the year” so to speak.  Christians are getting ready to “do nothing” while they await the  birth of Christ, yet again.   The movie theaters will be showing yet another version of the Dickens classic and the stores will be wanting to put fear in you that you don’t have the right gift for that person at work or at home.

Halloween really is a scary time of year then, especially since the stores have Christmas items already up, fake trees ready to buy and I’ll bet that come Monday morning the radio stations will start the Christmas music.  This is what makes me scared.  Putting a price and marketing scheme and saying that it is all about Jesus.

Yet, the more I explore about the beginnings of the religion known as Christianity, the more I hope that Jesus is not forgotten in this mess.    The masses think that getting presents is what a holiday is about.

No, it’s about being holy.  We have only so many “holy days” printed on the calendar.  This night sure is  one of them, and it is fun.

I hope is that this year, you don’t blow your money on things that will be forgotten in just a few days.   Realize that God loves you EVERY day, and that every day is a holy day.

Now go eat up those candy corns, Hershey Bars and get that candy hangover started, for tomorrow you will have another day to enjoy the wholeness that is life.






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