I Wish To Register a Complaint…

14 10 2009

There is an institutional church that has a campaign called “ReThink Church”.  And I must complain about this campaign.

One:  This is about 20 years behind the times.

Two:  If all you do is “rethink” your positions, then you will be left behind.

Why can I say this?  Because I was a part of this church.  And I left it behind.

The age of reason caused us to ignore the loving God that walks with us and talks to us.  We traded a book of law over the loving, living Father.   We trust our own actions and not doing what we are told. We love our freedom, but still want to be told what to do.

But what would happen if you started listening to God without the use of a Bible?  Would you abandon the ways that God says HE is done with?  Would you be willing to grow up to be an adult child of God?

It has been my experience that only those that are open to God outside of a tradition of theology that a NEW and BETTER theology can be made by God.




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