Grow UP so God will quit laughing at US!

8 09 2009

Oh man, the USA is such a wild place!

For the past few days, craziness over the President speaking to the nation’s children in school.  People saying they will keep kids out of school because they don’t want their children “indoctrinated” w President Obama’s  “agenda”.

Yet again I see and experience the fear that makes people not free.  Why are some parents so scared of the president.

To be truthful, I was never scared of President Bush the second.  I didn’t like his campaign to bring “democracy” to the middle east.   I didn’t like the fact that he claims to be a follower of Jesus, a Methodist Christian, but he was unwilling to forgive his enemies.  Namely the groups that want to “destroy America” as the warriors want to say.

I find it so funny that people were willing to give up their phone calls for the sake of security, but are unwilling to give up more money to provide basic health care for those that are on the bottom rung.

What I hear coming from God right now is laughter.  Laughter at our arrogance, our stupidity, and our bogus fear.

Jesus time and time again said Do Not Fear, but Fear you Father. (My paraphrase).  So why are we so messed up?  Why is God laughing so much AT his kids.

Because we are still growing  in a way.  Think about it.  The religion of  Christianity has been so distorted.  It only started 2,000 or so years ago, and it has evolved over the years due to cultural influence.   The religion changes over the years, groups split off, even back in the beginning  it did  that.  And I hear the echo of “the right and left” throughout the letters of Paul. Growing pains that continue today.  Because there are different views of what Jesus’ death on the cross means. But that is for another post.

I’m reading a book called “The Masks of Christ”.   More history that makes my faith in Jesus as being the way, truth and LIFE even  stronger.  But it’s because I dare to see Jesus from a different view than that of the stereotyped Christina Right or Left.

What we really need to do is live life!  How do you do that?  You don’t worry about anyone controlling your life.  I suggest too that every one take a deep breath and calm down.   Quit throwing those tantrums!

And for God sakes:    LIGHTEN UP!

Obama is not coming to steal your children or make them into a copy of him.  But wait, isn’t that what the “church” is supposed to do?  Make copies of Christ?  Making disciples?   “Indoctrinate”  our kids into being “nice little boys and girls”?

Can you hear God laughing at this craziness?  I can.

How would you feel if you heard God laughing at you  for your fear.   We are  so independent, including those that say they know God, because those that say they know Him,  we have forgotten him.   And he is laughing at that.

He’s laughing at me for so long believing in the lie that I am in control of my life.  He is my master and wants me to be the co-pilot.

So the ”circus” of politics no longer matters to me.  I have a ton of debt that I turned over to God.  He is showing me, through the rest of his creation, both that of nature and human, on how to get through this time of little money.

Some  days, I go back to trusting myself WITHOUT God, and then what happens?  I have lots of crap going on.  But WITH God in charge, the load is light, and the burden of debt is not so heavy.  It’s been incorporated into the life of God.

So who is your God?  I hate to tell this truth, but God is NOT in the Bible!  That is the story of God and how man related to him in the PAST!    How do you realate to him today?  Can you be like Jesus was with HIS Father, those of you who claim to follow Jesus?

The good news today is that YES YOU CAN!

It took me a long time to get to this belief.  Yes, it seems too good to be true, but God tends too be the opposite of what you THINK he is like.  For me, he has been laughing at how childish his grown up children are acting.

Grow up and and understand what it means to be an adult child of God.



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1 10 2009
Brooks Trelawney

And I thought I was controversial, hahaha! Blessings!

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