Facebook/Twitter lite update

1 09 2009

The past week, I’ve been experimenting with staying off the social networks.  Can you say “whale fail”?

I thank the Father that school starts next week, and I will have steady work this year.   I really hope that I am able to make the difference in the family’s lives and with my own this year.

I only wish I knew what the year would bring.

Anyways, I hope to be better at staying off the Internet, being more in touch with people in person.  The Internet is a drug, pure and simple.  Unlike “snail mail” which can have a personal touch, the Internet, to me, sometimes is so over-dramatic, and unloving.

Addictions to the computer screen and Internet  can be harmful.   Guess I need to do like my wife and I do with the three young-ens,  “30 minutes on the Internet, no more, no less.”



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