Back to School

24 08 2009

Today I “bid” on my bus route from last year, and I got it back.  Still driving an 84 passenger school bus on the West side to Skyline Grade School.

If you drive out on Highway 30 in the Portland Oregon area, be aware that school starts back up on September 8th this year.  First Student, who contracts with Portland Public Schools will be having drivers go over their routes this week and then at their schedualed pick up times on Wed. September 2nd.

I’m very happy to be back on the same route because I put alot of time and effort with the kids, some will have gone on to high school, but these kids on this line need some consistancy.  The year before they had 5 different drivers.

Looking forward to tomorrow’s dry run, as it is called, and see what has changed over the summer.  See if I need to make adjustments to the route for the size of the bus.

So be on the look out for the school buses, some districs around the USA have already started for the year.  PLEEEEEESSSEEE  STOP WHEN THE RED LIGHTS ARE FLASHING!  I can’t tell you how unsafe YOU are being when you don’t.

Have a great school year.

I’ll get spiritual again soon.  I promise.



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