Vacation or Renewal?

11 08 2009

Today I felt like I really needed a vacation from my stay-cation.   My work has called and I get to do the zoo shuttle run again this Saturday, and that is good.  But the days at home with the girls, combined with no disposable income , and the credit cards about maxed out, there is a sense of needing some escape.

I believe that there was no concept as vacation in the early years of this country.  When there was mostly farming communities you had down time during the winter for a while if there was snow on the fields. Summer time was a time to start harvesting the fields.  And all done without machines.

I had posted here about how lazy we have become.  We think that we deserve to go on vacation without having to do work.  According to Jesus, “Sabbath was made for man, not man for the Sabbath.”   Rest is good, but it seems that as I get older, I don’t wish to rest at home, or go somewhere else to get rest.  Yes, I do like to “get away from the world” for a few days, but I find that I want to work now.

I made a mistake this morning because I was still in part time stay at home parent mode.  I turned down some work for Thursday because my daughters have dance class and a birthday party to attend, the hours of driving would have clashed.  I forgot that right now, my wife is here and can call my mother-in-law and a few others to be the “taxi” for that day.  During the rest of the year, I HAVE to be the taxi, mid day care, etc.  Right now it’s not necessary.

I really wanted to work, but because my mind was saying ” Steven, you are the only one to be the taxi, so you better refuse the work.”  I said no.

But the good that will come out of this not working will help our family to build a better relationship with our daughter’s friend’s parents.

So what does this have to do with being lazy and needing a vacation?   What I’m discovering is that I have become bored.  I’ve been sitting around reading, yet again.  I’ve been posting blogs that are inspiring and yet don’t make any movement in my own life.   I’ve been getting angry at others for making noise about health care, politics, and general stupidity.  Yet, I have been one of the worst when it comes to  just living.   Being  judgmental about everything and attempting to force my perspectives on those who don’t want anything to do with my opinions.   I feel very tired and worn out.

I  feel the need for a recharge, a fresh perspective on the life I’m living.  Next week, we are going to go camping, get away from the house and “rough” it in a tent.  Perhaps I can get a feel for what it might have been like to depend on others nearby if we forget something or are in need of anything.  This was planned months ago, and we made sure that it was paid for in advance.  But still, I wonder what I will feel like when we get there?

Years ago, I went on a Men’s retreat with no expectations on what would happen.  Perhaps I have lost that excitement I felt going there.  I knew this much, I would encounter Jesus,  I would be fed, I would have a place to sleep and all I needed to do was come.

This is not so much a vacation thing, as it is a renewal thing.  So many people  make fantastic plans to go on a vacation, only to come back dreading the work ahead.   Perhaps we all need to really understand why the tradition of vacations started, why we feel we need them.

Just like the retreat , well it was really an advance, I need to not anticipate the upcoming camping trip.  I do need to get our stuff together, make sure the tent is ready for cool, wet weather since, we are in Oregon.  And just let the moments to come be. Be in those moments and just live it out.

As I look back on what I just wrote, I think the term “vacation” should be taken out of my vocabulary.  Going on a renewal makes much more sense.

Vacations tend to not be restful.  But going someplace to be renewed sounds delicious.



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