A Vision of The World

7 08 2009

The world is a mess!   Our children’s children will be paying off years of debt.  The situation in the middle east is gonna destroy our way of living in the USA!  Kill them all!  I want to feel safe.  Those damn homos are destroying the family!  Just wait till Jesus comes back!  I will just have to be morally right and I will go to heaven.  Or so many people think.

Those of you who have linked to this post from Facebook may not want to read any further.  Because I am going to give a different vision of the world that is positive and will not focus on the national debt,  those terrorists,  that “damn liberal” democratic government, or even take the time to berate your conservative view.

There is so much bitching and moaning from both sides of the issue, that I feel complied to give a third option, a positive and freeing vision of the Kingdom of God.

Imagine this:

A world where people are valued and “stuff” is NOT valued.

Money has become a tool for the good of all, instead of something to horde and keep to yourself.

People are abandoning ownership of cars, due to the fact that local stores are now walking distance.  Small local stores are every two miles.  Church buildings are no longer used for once a week worship and bible studies and have become places for people to gather together to help with each others problems.  Forming true community centers that are bountiful and have no needs.  Everyone comes to participate and don’t worry about having food, clothing and shelter.

Religion has gone from being a separate part of life to being fully integrated into a way of life.  Jesus’ Spirit living ,not in the pages of a book, but lived out through our bodies.   Many are living peace filled lives, thought there are still challenges to face each day.

Organized worship is a thing of the past, and free, unrestrained expressions of kindness, justice and love abound.  Artists now do as they please to please the one who made them.   God is present to everyone, and everyone is aware that God is right here, right now.

The Middle East has learned that fighting over the land has now become a great evil.  Jesus’ Gospel, of the Kingdom of God within you, has finally been told to all and all are learning what it means to be WITH God, instead of waiting for God to return.

Politics have faded into a bad memory, like a nightmare that fades when light comes,  and history records that all wars stopped because people have come to understand that they are of God, even those who say god is dead. God has become the ruler of the world, not the Bible, Koran, or Tora.  Though God has shown his word in print through these sources, He will not have to use these as the means to his conversation and commands, for he will speak through all of his creations.

The pursuit of happiness comes from knowing and being in the presence of the Living God.

In the Kingdom of God that comes to each and every person, because the Kingdom of God is within each person, makes sure that there is no war.  Arguments fade as each individual realizes that the person in front of them has been made in the image of God.  Common ground stems from that realization.   Fun and laughter are much easier, crying together at a loss is much easier,  men and women are fully equals.

With wars a fading memory, space exploration will go where no human has gone before.  People will do work for the sake of doing work, no longer will we be obsessed with saving or spending money.   Reality television will loose it’s appeal, as will news pun-dents and things that divide.

Instead people will be confident in who’s  they are, embrace their gifts and use them for good.

Will there still be those that don’t listen or believe in God?   Well, according to the printed  Word.  No.   “One day all will confess You are God.”

Does this not sound better than all the strife that is happening today?  Is it possible to live this out, starting right now?

I say, “YES”!

The way of the human world, at least here in the USA, still stands as “everyone for themselves”.   This is changing.  But those of us, who claim to follow Jesus, really need to step up and show what it means to surrender our way, namley thinking we know God, but only pay him lip service, to really live like there is a Kingdom inside of us.

Our hearts are not the stone tables of the ten commandments.  Our hearts are flexible, beating.  Stones do not feel, they only can repeat what has been written on them.  Flesh mixes with blood, sinew, and beats with the life giving force.  Being in tune with God makes great harmony.   Just as a chord of music doesn’t sound right if the instrument is slightly out of tune, so it is with being together with God.

God is fine tuning the human soul.   He tunes it through those who have chosen to follow him.  But what God really wants is all of his instruments to be perfectly tuned.  To play the music he wants you to play.   There will only be music of joy when this happens.

For God so loved the world that he GAVE his son, as an example on how to be in tune with him.  To carry his song of peace, love, joy, justice, kindness.   Can you hear it?  Can you see this wonderful song?

It’s in the wind.  It’s inside of you.  It’s saying, make it MY reality.   God’s reality.  A much better place.  Find it in your heart.

As Captain Picard was fond of saying,

“Make it so.”




2 responses

12 08 2009

I actually read this the other day but didn’t have a chance to comment. I too look forward to a time where He will wipe every tear from our eyes…thanks for the post.

23 08 2009

All True.
Make it so!:D
Thank you for all these words!

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