Work out of Love, Not Money

5 08 2009

Today I got work on the fly.  I went to the local DEQ to get the registraton done and my cell phone rings.  Now where I had to go was only a mile away from the work, I noticed that the number was work.

Most would not do what I did.  Since my cell was about out of power, I decided to just stop by and check in.  Now I get to go and do a shuttle run at the zoo.  Someone bowed out at the last minute.

This is good, and it is cool today, so hopefully the shuttles will run.  Cloudy and cool.  Great Northwest weather.

I can not help but understand that everyday is a gift and we are to use it as that, a gift that is wanted.  I need the work so I don’t get rusty in my bus driving skills, with the fall just around the corner and no guarantee that I get the same route that I had last school year, it’s good to get practice on different roads.

God gave Adam something to do when he was created, and we do too.  Jesus understood what His work was and who it was for. My work today is  to drive a bus, wait to see if they need me to shuttle people, and I get paid at the end of the day for this.   The money is not a sign of love. It is but a tool for the final results.  Helping to keep the food, clothing and shelter.

I am not obsessed with money anymore.

What ever I get paid, is what I get paid.

My suggestion to all is to just do your work, for the sake of doing the work.  Don’t worry about pay.   Do the work, because it makes God smile to see you doing good.  Doing what is asked of you, especially when someone calls you by name to do it.  Not just ordering you around.

I’ve learned how to serve out of love and not out of a need for money.  Until the day we understand that only the flawed human perception of money for work ends, we still have to do what needs to be done, and that is live life and not worry about making a grandstand when you have lots of cash.

Help those that have less, live in a house that is right for the size of your family,  and if you have room, provide it for those that have no room.

If you do this, then you have done it to Jesus.

A friend and mentor once said,  “We Only have time for Love”.   If you learn to love to work, for the sake of others, and focus less on your own worries, then there can be peace in your heart.



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