The Third Jesus and Book that Will Change Your World

27 07 2009

I read a book called “The Third Jesus” by Deepak Chopra

This got me to understand something that I had never considered about Jesus, but had heard about it.

Jesus was a mystic that understood that God doesn’t walk outside of us, but in us.

But what this book did was confirm what I have believe for many years.

At the same time, I was reading a book that I downloaded called “This Book Will Change Your World” by Kevin A. Beck.

What’s more is that I do believe and understand what Jesus accomplished by dying on the cross!  He shows us how to follow through on those good things that we don’t want to do.  He shows us how to be honest.  He shows us how to not be “religious” .  He shows us that the Kingdom is inside of us.

We are meant to be spiritual AND flesh!

No one had to tell me this because, for reasons I can’t explain, already understood.

Now every time I read about Jesus is to have said, it makes complete sense and most doctrine doesn’t anymore.  To me, it sounds like a lie.

Time and time again, that Spirit that was attempting to break through and live through me, was saying, “rethink Jesus.  Really get to know him, not just OF him.”

For any Christian who is asking “Is the church all that I am to be, is Jesus who I’m supposed to be?” needs to read these two books and then go examine, like a CSI agent, the Gospel according to Jesus.  Though we have 4 different takes on it, you will see that Jesus’ way works.  But you need to sift all the garbage out of the way.

You can download a copy of “This Book Will Change Your World”

Also take time to consider what Deepak Chopra  has to write about Jesus and then go see for yourself what Jesus really was saying.  You will then loose your religion.  You will be able to see a better way, a better truth, a better life.

This takes going outside the confines of any Christianity.  It is dangerous, so if you want to be safe in your little world, then don’t read.  But if you wish to be freed of the slavery of man, for your soul’s sake, do it.

And it will, for HIS sake!




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