Money, Health Care, and Jesus

23 07 2009

I will admit that I’ve never been good with money.  As a teen, just out of high school, I decided after two terms at the local college that “higher education” was not for me.  I went on a spending spree with all the money that had been saved up for my education.  I also have been addicted to credit cards, thinking that would get me out of my deficit.

I went into the work force instead of learning.  I am one of the many that barely make it to the end of the month with any money.

I have no health insurance, because it would take a huge chunk our of my paycheck and have nothing left to give to the family coffers.  The company has a good health program, but because I bought into lies about how money buys life and happiness, I’m now in debt.

I am not lazy, by no means, but when you have three children, by choice, and only one parent has a collage degree, the options for work that is steady and well paying can be few and far between.

“Well you shouldn’t have gone and have kids if you can’t afford them.”  And you can?  In a world that values money and “things”  over human begins?  I can’t change that I have children.

The work I chose to do, as a stay at home parent, has no paycheck, but it gives you real life learning.

I spent many years as the stay at home parent.  The past few weeks have been that again.  Summertime for the company I work for, a charter/school bus company, the work drys up.  I have been attempting to get unemployment for just a few weeks and then the work starts back up, I can then get off the unemployment, and the money comes in again.  This is something that has been done for years by drivers.  And it is not against the law to do this.

I feel that one parent, of a married couple, needs to be at home for the first 5 years of a child’s life to get them to have a good start in life.   But our current governmental system doesn’t value that anymore.  Yeah, you get a tax break for having kids, but even those with a college education, and I’m generalizing, are getting work stocking shelves,  flipping burgers, and tearing tickets at sporting events.

Those don’t pay for the lifestyle that the world thinks America has.

Our current system has failed all of us!  Especially those who are the working poor.   Don’t let anyone convince you that we are going to get out of this mess alone!

President Obama is only doing what people have done all over the world since the concept of money, debt and deficits began,  trying to keep a system going that most people agree is broken, but are unwilling to change.  Yes, he campaigned on change, I even voted for him, because I could not stand the idea of a POW, who was only repeating what his “masters” of the GOP wanted him to say, and even though  Obama did the same, he showed he  can handle pressure better.

Our entire system values money over humans.  Jesus had said “Do you work as if your doing it for God.”  “Do for others as you would like done for you.” (my paraphrase).

Why is it that we will not look through that vision!  A vision that God is here right now, and that we do not depend on money, insurance, health care, systems, programs, and start seeing that God is taking care of it all.  I can tell you why we won’t look through this vision.  We are afraid, scared, and cowards when it comes to trusting God.

“Well he works through us now.” I’ve heard some believers say.  I say to those then,  “Are you better off than when you were a child?”

2 girls

As a child you have really no needs, for they are all met.  Your parents made sure you had food, clothing and shelter.  Often working their ass off just for that, using credit cards for food, putting their wants aside to make sure you had every thing you really need. (Come on, do you really need that Xbox? The Hummer?)

Jesus said to fear the lord, and most have made that a claim to make God into a psycho dad, loving and gentle one moment, and the next to be a raving , abusive asshole!  Fearing God just means, just as when you feared your own parent, that you don’t want to disappoint him.  Jesus never felt that he disappointed his Father.  Did everything that his Father did.  And we can too. But I have come to understand that our Father is very forgiving, that when he judges, he is not going to kill you, he will guide you into a better way of doing what you did wrong.

As a parent myself, I understand that no matter how well you have trained a child, they are still going to make a mistake, until they do the correct action enough times that it becomes permanent and the wrong action stops.   Like when a 4 year old, because she is not getting her way, will start to cry due to someone doing something she doesn’t like,  taking a toy out of her hands, for example.

The child doesn’t like having what she has taken away, she did not give the permission, and her reaction causes the peace to be broken and a fight tends to break out.  As a parent you want to make it right. But do you, as the parent kill her?  You might just spank her, and that is wrong too,  because you feel that she  should know by now, being 4, that she is not to do that.  Guess what, SHE DOESN’T!   This has to be told time and time again.  She has no idea that her reaction is just that.  She is thinking only of herself, and what she perceives to be lost and unfair.

This is where I step in, and depending on my mood, can make things better or worse.  Better:  Offering the child a teaching moment, learning to negotiate or bring in a third party to help figure out a compromise that brings peace (Blessed are the peacemakers),  Worse:  Grab the toy back from the other child to please the one crying, and make that other child cry!   And the ultimate crime:  Hitting the kid thinking that if they fear getting hit they will stop the crying.

My 4 year old really has a strong will, that needs training, not broken.  Shelby has a favorite saying when I tell her not to do something that I know will lead to harm, ” I don’t like you saying that!”

Oh how many times have I said that to our Father!

This is a good fear of the Lord.  Not liking what He is saying, but understanding that it is to better you as his son or daughter.   I’ve learned this by being corrected by our Father through the story of Jesus’ Gospel.  “God right here, right now.”

I believe that Jesus really can show us the way to live right now. If only we value what he said to do more than his birth and resurrection story.  Yes, those are important, but we have turned Jesus into an icon, not the leader, brother, and man that he is. We need to believe the  four gospel accounts of the new covenant.  Realize that God never left us alone.  For that is what the Bible is, the story of the Word of God.  We can be connected to God and then see Him in everyone!  Jesus shows us how to do that.

There’s a change coming to America, but only when we really know and that when Jesus’ Gospel is told, not Peter’s or Paul’s, then we will see him coming back.  Because we will no longer ignore another person’s needs, just because they come into some man made country “through the back door”.  So we will no longer hold onto a nationality that is about a chosen people , but all about God’s creation, for we will see God in everyone.  We will understand that God has made a new creation, through the death of Jesus on the cross, and that we are all a part of that creation.

So let those who still want to cling to the ways of the past, continue to do things man’s ways.  I, for one, if the government takes more of my paycheck, if my union takes more too, I will not be ashamed to ask my brothers and sisters for help.  For I will know who really is of Jesus brood and who is not.  Some may not even know that they are following Jesus when they do not judge, or condemn.  They will not boast about what God is doing, but be humble that God has used them.

Take a good look at the Jesus you follow.  I re-examined what I believed, and then asked the Father , “What do you believe?”

Ask Him.



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