Why would He Clean Up Another’s Mess

22 07 2009

Today is the third day with my eldest daughter off to summer camp.

It has been strange to not have her around, and to be a parent who likes to forgive, I spent the first two days she was gone, cleaning out her room.  It looks like a magazine set up, clean floor and  everything in it’s place.  I really hope that this condition last for more than one day when she gets home.  But I realized that by doing this, the room was a complete mess with paper, books, toys ect all over the place, that I’m teaching her that every one gets second chances.

I feel that this is one way of being Christ to my daughter.  Now some of you may think that I’m only encouraging her to NOT clean up her own messes.  But I have discovered in a world that says you must clean up your own messes,most people don’t do that very well.

Our natural tendency is to wait for someone else to do it, and then if they don’t, we attempt to do it without any help  and guidance.

Go it alone, don’t depend on anyone. Do it yourself!  This is the common cry of most Americans.

But when someone tries to show you and help you, then you complain about not doing it YOUR WAY!

Well, what is your way?

How ever I want to do it!

Really, so what is your way?

No one has to show me, I know I can do it how ever I want.

And that is…..?

By this time you have worked yourself into a frenzy and no longer want to do the task that you had set out to do.

Jesus said to do for others as you would have them do for you.   So, I don’t expect my daughter to clean my room when I’m gone, but I hope she will understand what it means to serve someone when it seems that they don’t deserve it.  The three girls had made the mess over many weeks.  Even with my wife and I attempting to get them to clean, it never was fully cleaned up, and we, the parents are not the best example either.

Did I need to clean up her mess?  Not really, but my heart said, “Would you want to come home to a mess after being away for a week?”  Of course not, I would be tired and just want to rest, perhaps away from the family in a quiet, clean place.  To reflect on the past week, take time to cry, if need be, because of the friends that she made will be far from her, and a chance to get back into the swing of the family.

Do I expect this from Suzy? No. Do I expect this when I come home from time away? No.  But I hope my example, of thinking of what she will need, will inspire others in my family, and perhaps you, to do the same.



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