My Cross: Dangerous Territory

14 07 2009

Seems of late, that I have made some friends on line on both sides of the spectrum of the Christian experience.

This is the cross I bare now,  engaging in those that say they follow Jesus and those that Bible beat.

Today, I may loose some of those that have gained insight through my blog , Facebook and Twitter because I feel His Spirit saying to reveal a bit more about what He has revealed to me.

The Bible is the story of the Word of God,  it guides us to Jesus, the one who is the restart of humans and God being together as One.  God reveals himself through stories in print and then through those that he chooses to speak through.  The Bible stories are His truth.  But the only way to really understand the stories is to get to know Jesus, not just know OF him.

This takes reading the four gospel stories over and over and just focusing on Jesus.  This is a resource developed by the Spirit for the sake of Christ.  It is not to replace Christ as God.

There are many paths to the Father but they all lead back to and through Jesus.  He is a Jew, part of the family of Abraham and is the basis of Christianity.  He can be found all over the world in other cultures, in their stories of faith.  He is known as Isah, The Spirit of God, in the Middle East, by those who do not follow Christianity.

Jesus said to make disciples of his way.  The term “church” means “movement” not a noun and we have added, to make church a thing you go to, not something that you ARE.  His way is not the way of what we THINK was his way. Waiting for him to come back.  We are to do greater things than HE did!  Sounds to me like those waiting are just fooling themselves.  Jesus’ way is offensive to any person who is religious about tradition.

Jesus is the head of humanity.  He is how we are to think, and we need to surrender our foolish ways so he can then use our foolishness to overcome the world.

The letters of Peter and Paul are just that, letters.  We can learn from them, but if you don’t have the history of what was going on the letters mean nothing.

The story of the Bible is to be read out loud and no numbers on the passages. For the ways of man are about numbers, God already knows how many verses there are, so we don’t need to be counting them.

The Bible can be trusted to show you the way to God.  But you need to put your Faith and Hope into the living God to be able to trust the story.

We, as humans, can not change the world, only Christ can do that.

The Kingdom of God is here!  (Jesus phrased it as at hand.)  This is scary to the religious because they are still waiting for God to return.  Truth is he never left!   We are ignoring him.  That is why he came in human form and we still ignore him.

Personal relationship with Jesus is good, being in relationship with others who know Him, not just OF him, reveals the truth about our selfish ways and then we will be able to see the Kingdom of God and live within Christ.

I trust that Jesus had saved everyone by his death on the Cross.  The idea of eternal hell is a lie, that was started by Greeks.  But even  they have been forgiven.

There is good and evil in the Kingdom.  For you can’t have good without evil.  We can choose and judge what that is, but we can not stop either good or evil from being.   We can teach as Jesus did, listen to Father and do His will. His will is love, patients, kindness, does not boast, is willing to help serve his fellow man without complaint.   Evil needs good to exist.  This is what wisdom requires, are the intentions of the person evil, or was it just a stupid thing.

My own stand on this issue:  If someone were attempting to kill me, I would do what I could to bring him down, but not kill him.   I know that may not be the reality, but I would be forgiven if by God if I did. I don’t know if I could forgive myself though.

Jesus forgives and we are to do likewise.

My stance on abortion:  It is wrong, but I will not deny one.  For God will do what he will with the person. If God wants us to not kill infants then there are plenty who he will guide to parent them.  There are many stories in the Bible of  the men in power killing infants so their power won’t be taken away.  Moses, and Jesus are good examples of this.   God worked things out so they would survive and these were done by an intervention of God, not man.

God forgives abortions.

Question to you that think abortion should be outlawed:

What do we do with the mother of the child that has an abortion?  If abortion is against the law, should she be put in prison for life, like those that are murderers?

Gay rights:

Jesus said of the people of his time, when they were going over who was to be married after resurrection,  it would not matter who is married to whom.

I believe if two men want to live together, or two women for that matter, that they stay married and not sleep around or go outside the relationship for  intimate loving.  First and for most love God.  Marriage, I believe and trust, is part of God’s doing.

Eve came out of Adam, but does that really mean that men can not be with men.   The real threats to marriage are divorce, over-individualism, and  not knowing God.

We need to value that all are made in the image of God, that there are those who should never marry, that goes for both straight and gay, and love each other for being made in the image of God.

1 Corinthians 6:9 (The Message)

9-11Don’t you realize that this is not the way to live? Unjust people who don’t care about God will not be joining in his kingdom. Those who use and abuse each other, use and abuse sex, use and abuse the earth and everything in it, don’t qualify as citizens in God’s kingdom. A number of you know from experience what I’m talking about, for not so long ago you were on that list. Since then, you’ve been cleaned up and given a fresh start by Jesus, our Master, our Messiah, and by our God present in us, the Spirit.

(This is the section that is most quoted, sorry for out of context of the letter, but I’m attempting in my small way to make a point.)

This passage shows that we ALL have fallen short of Jesus’ Way.  Notice that the terms gay and homosexual are not there.  For we need to understand really what the history was.

Those who don’t care about God!  Do you care? Would you die for God?  A lot of misguided people do.

It is good to hate what is evil, but if all you ever do is hate then you will miss out on what God does when he changes the heart of someone who has been evil. ( Paul comes to mind, he was a mass murderer by today’s standards, yet people are willing to quote him all the time.) ( God still loved Paul even though he murdered. )

This is only a part of what I have come to understand.

Yet I really don’t know HOW I came to this.  No one , at least no man, taught me this.

I will close with this:

If you think you can contain God in a book, a building, or one single person, you are mistaken.  God created the universe and can not be contained by human limitation.




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